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Friday, April 16, 2004

I had a dream!

No, that is not a political statement. I really did have a dream. It was so weird I just have to share it. For those that don't know, Ben is one of Mac's long time friends.

I was lying on my back looking up at the outside wall of a church. Mac was sitting beside me, talking on His phone and watching me. My hand was in my panties playing with my clitoris and there were people all around U/us but they were looking at the paintings on the outside of the church. The paintings were of clouds and people dressed in old-fashioned clothing walking down a dirt road.

Further down a little hill there were more people sitting in the park. They were all just sitting around and talking, like they were waiting for something to happen. I was still playing with myself when Mac hung up the phone and smiled at me. He told me to get up and start running. I didn't know what was going on but I stood up and Mac reached into His bag and pulled out a toy AK47. I knew it was a toy, but I realised that other people wouldn't know and so I started laughing and I ran into the crowded park. Mac followed, walking calmly with the gun slung over His shoulder. People started to scream and Mac pulled the gun down and started firing.

I was laughing so hard I was crying. People were running everywhere and soon I couldn't see or hear Mac. I made it to the other side of the park and I collapsed on the ground. My phone rang and I picked it up knowing it was Mac. Before He even spoke I said 'I didn't get to come for You.' The person on the other end hung up and I lay back on the ground.

Suddenly Ben jumped over me, straddling my tummy. He had a toy pistol in His hand and I knew I was the captive. He leaned down close to my face and said 'God Sarah, when you said you didn't get to come for me, you made my cock throb.' I grinned at His desire.

'Quick,' he said. 'The cops will be here soon. We have to get to the hotel and meet up with Mac. He will be pissy that I won.'

He pulled me to my feet and we ran across the road to a hotel and he took me to a room and pulled me through the door after him. I thought it was all so funny. When we were inside Ben pushed me back onto the bed and I bounced on it happily. He climbed over me and my clitoris started to throb. His jeans were undone and all he had to do was pull up my skirt and push aside my panties and enter me, and he did.

I wound my legs around his waist and my fingers in his hair. I sighed happily as my clitoris continued to throb. Mac came in and I arched back to take Ben in further. Mac climbed across the bed and laid down beside us, watching us fuck. Mac stroked my cheek and when I turned to look at Him, He kissed me, long and deep, then turned my head back to Ben and I kissed Ben long and deep too. Mac whispered in my ear, 'Christ, I love it when my girl's cunt is full of cock.'

I came then, in my sleep. My muscles contracted, my tummy fluttered and I woke lying on my back and panting up at the ceiling. I looked over at Mac and He was still sleeping so I ducked into the bathroom so that I could make myself come again, a proper, fuller orgasm. I wanted to do it in the shower because (I am blushing now) I have discovered that when I masturbate in the shower I can 'bare down' during orgasm, or in other words, I can push all my muscles out. This is not always a good idea in bed because the chances of wetting yourself are high (right now Mac is thinking 'too much information') and neither Mac nor I are into water-sports. So I shower and I bare down and the intensity of the orgasm is such that I have collapsed on the shower floor and been too afraid to put my legs together in case it caused friction on my clitoris and I couldn't take any more. Even an hour or two afterwards, any touching of that area sends icy shivers up my spine. I feel raw and walking is delicious agony and even sitting here right now I have my legs apart so that my clitoris is not tormented. God it just feels so good. So damn good. Almost too good.

Now I want to go and do it again.

By the way, I woke at some god-awful time last night to a growly Welsh voice whispering in my ear, 'Sarah, I want to fuck.' He came quickly. His consolation for this was that I came even quicker than Him.

Yes. I will have to change the sheets today.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:51 am

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