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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I have to correct a stuff up I made and apologise to two women that I adore. Kris and Orchidea both asked me for questions and Kris answered hers here and Ochidea answered hers here. I should have posted the links as soon as they answered and I am sorry that I didn't. I thought their answers were insightful and beautiful. Thankyou Kris and Orchidea, I was remiss in not saying it sooner.

I cannot believe the way that the tension around this place has dissipated. I keep wondering why as W/we are still in the grip of at least 12 hour work days, but I think that knowing there is an end in sight has lightened both Mac and I. Yesterday He decided to work from home. He has this wonderful study set up that He has declared a 'no girl' zone (unless it is dusty). Basically it means that while He is in there, Sarah has to leave Him alone. I don't mind. I like having Him here. It is nice knowing that I am going to bump into Him in the hall and it is good to know that W/we are going to eat lunch together and dinner as well. W/we made a deal that if He comes downstairs I am allowed to ask Him to do one heavy job. In return for this, I am the coffee and snack girl. I am not quite sure this is a good deal because truth is, if I am getting the coffee and snacks, why would He need to come downstairs? Also, I am always the coffee and snack girl. I think I should have given that one more thought.

Yesterday there was a lot of laughter in the house, which is something that has been missing. Well that's not entirely true. Emma and I had spent a day quoting Monty Python at each other, and let me just say, walking into the hallway to find an angelic blonde woman with her hands pressed together like a choir girl singing 'Every sperm is sacred, Every sperm is good,' is enough to make anyone giggle, so as you can imagine, I fell about laughing at her. What was even worse was later, when Mac had come in Emma's mouth and she was kneeling between my legs letting His semen dribble onto me, I started singing it. Emma choked. Mac shook His head at me and I doubled up in fits of laughter. Apparently there is a time and place for such things and when your girlfriend has a mouthful of your boyfriend's come it is not the time. I really don't know what they were complaining about, I was the one that ended up with semen sprayed across my belly. (Yes, I am giggling about it even now.)

Yesterday, Mac was full of laughter too. I even managed to get Him into a pager conference with yen and wench. Ash was on the phone to wench so we asked wench to say hi to her for us. It was great fun. Mac and yen did their best to make me blush, which wasn't hard as I was already blushing just from imagining what Mac might say. He mostly behaved though, told some (bad) jokes, jumped from topic to topic like a 12 year old on steroids and pretty much made us giggle. When He went back to doing His work, yen told me that He was exactly like I write about Him. (I am not sure if that is a good thing or not!)

One of the things He told yen was that when it comes to the way I write about O/our sex, it is like reading some rugby reports. He thinks, "Were that writer and I watching the same game?" He said that I take poetic license to a new level and that women over complicate things so I told Him I would write in His version of the sex W/we had yesterday:

Dragged Sarah upstairs fucked her hard. Came inside her pussy. Pulled her into the 69 position and came again in her mouth. It was good.

And people wonder why He doesn't have a blog!

The thing is, my version of events the day before was what led to U/us having sex yesterday so I think I will stick to my way of telling it.

He actually started at the kitchen table while eating lunch. He was talking about how much harder my orgasms become as the sex gets wilder and raunchier. The more wicked W/we are being the better it feels. He told me that it still surprises Him that He can come over my pussy, suck my tits and slap my face and I will come. I was trying desperately (and failing miserably) not to blush and I asked Him what else was I supposed to do. He laughed. I suggested that He read the day's blog. He did. He also read my comment: "Interactions with Mac? Hmmm, did I mention that each time He makes it down the stairs I just HAVE to move some heavy piece of furniture that He really NEEDS to take His shirt off to lift. I don't think He has figured out that I just do it so I can perve. At least He won't figure it out till He reads this." And He answered it with: "Well shit."

He then came back downstairs and made me put down the box I was going to unpack. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom and ordered me to undress while He undressed too. He then pushed me down over the edge of the bed and took me from behind. There was no foreplay, no finesse, no soft loving words or gentle caresses, He just fucked me. I loved it, being taken and used. I pushed back against Him, encouraging Him to fuck me harder as I gripped the bed so that I could take His thrusts deeper. It wasn't long before He came, filling me with His semen.

He told me to get on the bed and He moved along side me and pulled me into the 'soixante-neuf' position and I slid His semi hard cock into my mouth. I used my fingers and my tongue to coax Him back to erect and the taste of my juices mixed with His semen filled my mouth. I could feel His mouth covering my pussy, His tongue pressing inside me and I knew that He could taste my juices and His semen too. He licked and He bit and He fucked me with His tongue and I tried so hard not to but still found myself grinding back against His face. I wanted more, more of His teeth, more of His tongue and more of His lips. He gave it to me and soon I was moaning with my lips still around His cock. Then He made me come again. I jerked Him into my mouth, my teeth gently holding the head of Him inside while my tongue pressed into His slit. I cupped His balls and softly squeezed and His fingers dug into my back as He came, hot semen filling my mouth with each pulse of His cock.

When He was completely finished I moved up the bed to lie beside Him and I licked His face, grazing my tongue on His stubble. W/we talked a little about silly things and then He had to get back to the grindstone and work.

This morning He dashed out the door, holding toast in one hand, His briefcase in the other, His laptop case slung over His shoulder, and an apple in His pocket. I stood in the doorway smiling at Him. He tossed things into the car and turned to look at me and asked me what I was smiling at.

'You' I answered and the smile on His face lit up my world. He came back to the door and slid His hands around my waist and I slid my hands around His neck and He kissed me, lingering much longer than He should. He nuzzled into my neck and told me that I smelt good and I felt His teeth and I shuddered as He bit me. He looked at me and I saw hunger in His eyes and I suddenly felt again that I was His prey. He said He had to go and bounded down the steps and I watched Him drive away.

Oh god how I want to be hunted.

Please let Him be home early tonight!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:19 am

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