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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Mac and I spent some time talking today, it was the first time in a couple of days that W/we had the time and the inclination to talk. W/we have both been irritable and tired and stressed and for the most part, staying out of each other's way. I asked Him His view on compatible personality disorders and He told me He saw it this way:

"There is no "norm", W/we are all deviants in one form or another so almost by definition any relationship is a meeting of compatible personality disorders."

His example? Well. It went like this. "You are a fruitcake. I am a fruitcake for wanting to fuck you. Simple really." It made me laugh.

As for why W/we started to talk, well...

"She slid past Him quietly, sullenly once more and He had had enough. He reached for a handful of her hair and stopped her with the tiniest of yanks. She squealed and put her hand to her hair in what He knew was an exaggerated act.

He growled throatily, telling her to take her hand away. She looked at Him with a moment of defiance, all the anger that she felt spilling out through her eyes before she lowered her hand and bowed her head to hide her face from Him.

'Enough!' He demanded in that voice that filled her veins with ice and in spite of her anger she felt her eyes fill with tears. He pulled her hair again, forcing her to look at Him once more. He watched her for moment, looking for the slightest sign of the anger lingering there. And when He found it, He grasped her chin with His free hand and He brought her mouth to His.

He kissed her, a brutally crushing kiss that left her leaning helplessly against Him. He bit her lips and raped her mouth with His tongue. She shuddered and tried to maintain some control. He bit her lips again before moving to her neck and claiming it as His own. He sucked and kissed and bit at her until she was marked as His. She whimpered and she gasped and He turned her head and marked the other side of her neck.

Her tears spilt freely now and she felt as if the weight she had been carrying was taken from her and into His hands again. She cried and she knew that everything was going to be all right. He cupped her face gently in His huge hands.

'Enough' He told her gently and softly kissed the tears from her face. She slid her arms around His neck and her mouth found His and for the longest, tenderest time, they simply kissed.

'You ok?' He whispered when they came up for air.
'Yes,' she answered, burying her face in His shirt.
'Sarah, you shouldn't let it get to you.'
'It's just ...sometimes hurts. I don't want it too. I just cant seem to stop it. I am a girl.'
'I know,' He said and He held onto her a while more.

She revelled in the silence of being in His arms, His strength surrounding her with His calm.

'Sarah?' He whispered.
'Your sogging up my shirt.'

She looked at Him with mild surprise and He grinned at her until she laughed.

'Well, a guy can only stand so much!'
'My little Neanderthal.' She stood up on her toes and kissed His chin before slipping her tongue into His mouth again.

'W/we don't have time...' He gripped her arms. 'Your parents will be here soon...'
'Uh huh' she said and rubbed her body against His.
'Really! They will!'
'Uh huh' she said and slid her tongue into His mouth again.

He scowled and pulled her tightly to Him, grinding His groin into hers.

'You better make it quick woman' He growled and she smiled and took His pleasure once more."

I am not back, not really. I had Mac's laptop and a few minutes to spare so I quickly blogged this. I am missing you all like mad!

I will be back in a couple more days!

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