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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Quick update on Christine for those of you that are interested. When I called to thank her shortly but politely for the flowers, (I couldn't just ignore them) she told me that she was having a lump removed from her breast. I mentioned this to Mac. He smiled and said that He knew a stunt was looming. It's awful to not believe her, because what if she is telling the truth? It's just that, well, it happens all the time.

When Mac and I started dating, for a few months W/we kept it a secret, because W/we didn't want interference from people outside. Mac and I needed to work out U/us with each other before everyone else was allowed to intrude. Of course this meant I had to say no to Christine a lot. I wouldn't be going out with her, I wouldn't be here, there or anywhere else, I made lame excuses because I was staying in with Mac. She knew they were lame. So she asked what she had done wrong. When I told her nothing, she told me she was having a breast lump removed. I was sorry and contrite and promised to be a better friend. It turned out to be benign.

When I told her Mac and I were dating, she miscarried the next day. No one had known she was pregnant. There have been other illnesses, each one during a time when she perceived that I was backing away from our friendship. I asked Mac if I was cynical. He said that I have cause to be in this case.

So I am keeping a wary distance. I offered sympathy but no support. I gave well wishes but no advice. When she asked about getting together, I explained that I didn't know what was on Mac's agenda and that is the truth, though I know I could work around it if I had a mind too. The thing is, illness or not, I don't want to be her friend anymore. I don't know if that makes me a very nice person, but I feel better for it so for now that's the way it has to be.

Yesterday Mac and were sitting at the table eating breakfast and discussing sex (yes that is normal breakfast time routine for U/us) when He told me that my orgasm makes Him come. He said He adores me for being so helplessly easy to bring to orgasm, and that He loved the way I moan and gasp and whimper. I smiled and blushed. He told me that He wanted to make me come now and so W/we made O/our way back up to the bedroom. He knelt and had me lay on my back and He pulled me up His thighs and entered my ass slowly and patiently. Then He filled my pussy with a dildo and played with my clitoris. I moaned and I gasped and I whimpered and I came quickly and noisily and hard. He took the plastic cock from my pussy and gave it to me and told me to suck it and suck it I did. I devoured it, pushing it down my throat, sucking, licking, caressing, nuzzling, slipping it in and out. I enjoyed myself with it, I enjoyed myself noisily with it and Mac told me that if I didn't stop it He was going to come. So I sucked and moaned louder and enjoyed myself more. Mac didn't have a hope in hell.

He rocked His hips into me and He roared as He came and I grinned up at Him, my satisfaction complete. He growled at me and told me I was wicked. I laughed at Him and told Him He loved it. He grinned and I kissed Him and He got up and got Himself ready for work while I lazed about and watched Him. He called me a slug and I told Him He was jealous and it was nice to have that silly banter back again.

And the new bed is supposed to come today, new sheets and new pillows are just waiting to be used. I have a theory that fresh sheets are an aphrodisiac to Men, because you can guarantee that the day you change the sheets will the day He wants messy noisy dirty sex and the sheets will need to be changed again. Or is that just Mac?

You know, maybe I should change the sheets everyday.

I wouldn't mind the extra washing.

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