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Monday, April 12, 2004

Shimmer also asked me for some questions and with me moving and her away on holidays and an illness in between, we finally managed to get them done. Shimmer's answers are here. Her answers were beautifully honest. Thankyou shimmer.


She bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen, full of excitement of what the day held. Family, friends, laughter and of course, chocolate. She found Him sitting at the kitchen table, looking more relaxed than He had in a long time. She slinked over to Him and He smiled at her lazily, pushing His chair back so that she could sit on His lap.

She surprised Him by straddling Him, pulling her skirt up so that she could open her legs wide enough to surround His. He grinned at her lust and the way her eyes devoured Him. She pulled His shirt up and over His head. He didn't protest and her fingers ran lithely over His muscles. She frowned at the weight He had lost, the lack of time in the gym obvious to her. He kissed away the frown.

Her hands reached the top of His jeans and played over His groin. She started to undo them and He grabbed her arms, pinning them to her side, stopping her progress.

'What do you want?' He asked, the thickness of arousal already noticeable in His voice. She blushed and turned away.
'Tell me' He demanded and she looked at the floor and wished that it would open and swallow her up.

Why was this so hard for her to do? Why couldn't she just say the words He wanted to hear? She thought of many times she had His cock in her mouth and His semen dripping from her chin. She thought of many times that He fucked her, that He ass-fucked her, that He fucked her tits. She thought of the many times He had watched her fuck her way through a room full of men, enjoying their lust and pleasure. He had seen her be such a dirty little cumslut. It was just silly that she couldn't say what she wanted from Him now.

'Tell me.' He demanded again and she closed her eyes and hid her face in His neck.
'I want Your cock,' she whispered. 'And I want Your semen too.'

He chuckled at her and slid a hand under her chin forcing her to look at Him.

'That's not what I expected, but it will do for now,' He said and He kissed her slowly and deeply, making her catch her breath.

Her fingers went back to His groin and she released His tumescent cock from His jeans. She embraced it with her hands, enjoying the softness of the skin and the hardness beneath. Her fingers jolted along the shaft and she knew she needed lubrication to make it nice and smooth. She wriggled further up His lap and positioned herself so that she could almost take Him inside.

His cock was used to caress herself, teasing both of them by sliding along her wetness. She used her fingers to encourage her juices to slide down His shaft. She pushed just the head of Him inside her and squeezed her muscles before taking Him out again.

And the whole time they kissed, their tongues fighting for purchase in each other's mouths. She stroked His cock again, her fingers sliding smoothly along her own juices. He moaned and she sucked on His tongue and timed the movement of her hands to the sucking. He growled and she whispered to Him, begging Him for His come. His hands cupped her face and drew her lips to His again. She felt His cock pulse beneath her fingers as He thrust His tongue back into her mouth.

She continued to stroke Him through His orgasm, aware of His semen landing on His tummy, on her tummy, on her skirt and over her fingers. His body tensed and shuddered and she gurgled in delight at the pleasure He was feeling, gently kissing His breathless lips until His orgasm released Him.

He pulled her into His chest and stroked her hair while He caught His breath. She nuzzled into His neck, kissing and licking Him, whispering that she loved Him. She felt His smile.

'So tell me girl,' He murmured when He had calmed, 'what is it that you really wanted?'
She smiled and pulled back from His chest to look at Him.
'To please You, Baby.'
He grinned.
'That is something that you never fail to do, little one. You never ever fail to do.'

And later on they shared their table, their laughter and their love with the people that matter to them the most.

It was a truly beautiful day.

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