Kneeling before Him...



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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This morning Mac woke me early. He had already showered then come back to bed.

'Sarah?' He whispered while shaking me gently
'I have to go, I am running late.'
'I cant stop thinking about you and your Italian and guess what?'
'Your cock is hard?'
'Can't let that go to waste now can I?'

And so we had sex. Very fast sex. His hair was damp and He smelt all clean and yummy. I wanted to lick Him all over but there was hardly time to kiss Him. There was no foreplay save for the above conversation and He pushed His way into me and within a minute or two, Mac came and I came and it was good. Then he dove out of the bed and threw on clothes like the devil himself was after Him. I lay there watching Him. He grabbed His phone off the dresser and shoved it into His pocket and raced out of the bedroom. I blinked. He suddenly come flying back in, leant over and kissed me.

'Sorry babe, I am late, bye!' and then He was gone.

I wondered if I should be mad that He uses me for sex and disappears or happy that what He could easily have quickly taken care of in the shower, He preferred to bring to me. I have to admit I like the thought that His cock is still sticky with me and I am sitting here with sticky thighs myself. I like that in a choice between being late or being laid, sex with me wins.


I can't be mad at Him for that.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:17 am

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