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Sunday, April 04, 2004

To say moving house is a bitch is an understatement. Add to that the fact that I was premenstrual and you end up with some wonderful misunderstandings happening in Mac and Sarah's new home. I have discovered that although forgiveness can be asked for, it still has to be given by the other person and that Mac and I are as capable of holding a grudge as the next couple. It got so W/we avoided talking to each other because each time W/we did, He would end up frustrated and I would end up in tears and nothing would be achieved. It was like W/we were speaking in different languages and neither could understand.

So how have W/we fixed it? In all honesty I am not sure that W/we have but for now W/we are putting things aside until W/we have the time to sit down and talk it out. That's the best W/we can do.

Mac has decided (much to His boss's disapproval) to take Easter off. While this is a holiday for most companies in England, Mac actually works for a company that is not based in a Christian country and He works with other non-Christian countries so Easter is far from a holiday. Thing is though, He has worked at least 12 hours a day for a month now without a single day off and if something doesn't give, well, I don't want to be the one on the receiving end of the McBroden temper when it blows.

Because it will be over Easter and because there are two families to appease and because W/we both have close families that spend these holidays together, I don't expect there to be much more time for Mac and I than there is now, especially since there will be family that 'just drop by to see the new house'. The important thing is that Mac will get a change of pace and He needs that right now.

As for me, I simply want to sleep. That's all I feel like doing. I plan on turning away any offers of help for the day and ignoring the rest of the boxes until after I have slept at least a few hours more. Mac has already left for the office and I don't expect to see Him again today.

Last night I climbed over Him as W/we lay in bed and I took His hands in mine and pinned them to the bed. He looked at me with wry amusement, both of U/us knowing perfectly well He could flip me over at any time. He asked me what I wanted and I told Him that I didn't want to talk and I didn't want to fight, all I wanted was to please Him so I could get some sleep. He told me that I should know I do please Him but I started to cry because what I know and what I do wasn't the point. I needed to feel He was pleased with me and that was what mattered. He didn't understand but He kissed me and let me kiss Him too. My breasts were pressed against His chest and my groin rubbed against His groin and it didn't take long for Him to be erect. I let my legs slide to either side of His and sat over Him, releasing one of His hands briefly to guide His cock inside me. He let me pin His hand to the bed again. W/we kissed while W/we made love. It was gentle and intense, tongues fighting, twisting, pressing against each other while my muscles tightened and sucked on His cock. He allowed me to choose the rhythm, keeping His fingers firmly entwined in mine. He allowed me to use my body to please Him instead of Him using my body to please Him and it felt so good to know that I could do it too.

When He reached the very edge of orgasm, when I knew from the way His breath caught and the way His body tightened that there was nothing I could do to stop Him from coming, I raised my body so that just the head of His cock inside me and I let my muscles clench on Him until He pulled His hands from mine and dragged me back onto Him. He forced me down so hard, thrusting Himself up into me, grinding against me, that I cried out as He came. He let me lay over Him, keeping His cock inside me until it softened and slid from me. He stroked my hair and neither of U/us spoke and eventually W/we both fell asleep.

I love Mac and I love the house and I wish right now I had a little more enthusiasm. I shall go back to sleep and then catch up on everyone's blogs. I should be back to posting regularly from now on. Thankyou all for the emails and the comments, your thoughts were all appreciated. I will try and answer the emails and update my links list today too.

I missed you all.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:30 am

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