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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia. To Australians and New Zealanders, this is an important day to remember the men and women that served in the armed forces and to say thankyou to them. So to all the diggers, those that have served and those that continue to serve, thankyou. (I love you Granpop.)

"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Lest we forget."

Last night, Mac and I found some U/us time. W/we sat together on the couch and snuggled. W/we held hands. W/we talked about times when W/we were just friends and some of the things W/we had done, some of the times W/we had spent loving each other.

I remembered a day that He had arrived at the pub and I was sitting there on my own, no one else W/we knew was about. He looked at me and asked what I was doing there all alone and I said I just wanted Him to myself for a while. He grinned at me and two other women W/we know walked in and Mac looked at them and sighed and quickly whispered in my ear 'It was fun while it lasted.'

God, I loved Him for that.

Another time, W/we bumped into each other in a bar as Mac was about to leave to go somewhere else. I was with a big group of people and He asked me if I wanted to go with Him. I immediately said yes. I didn't care where He went. I just wanted to go to. W/we had a ball, laughing and entertaining people as He dragged me happily from place to place. W/we stopped at one place and there was a lady holding court. She was very pretty and she looked perfect and she had a heap of male admirers that were each trying to hit on her. Mac had swept in with me in tow and was His usual boisterous self. This woman noticed Him immediately and watched Him like prey. I was very aware of her presence but there was little I could do. She honed in on Mac and did her absolute best to seduce Him. He and I were just friends, I could not compete with that. I sat quietly beside Him and listened. Mac flirted with her a little and she announced that she had found her date for the night. Mac looked at her in surprise.

'No you haven't. I am with Sarah.' And He took my hand and W/we walked out together.

God, I loved Him for that.

He said to me yesterday that He remembered thinking that He would rather spend a minute with me than a night with a bitch like her. I kissed Him. He kissed me back. I undid the buttons on my blouse and offered Him my breasts.

'They are Yours' I said.

W/we made love. Soft and gentle and intense love full of beautiful murmured words and deliciously shivery caresses. He suck bit my breasts. I used my muscles to love His cock. I was completely caught up in the smell and sight of Him and the way His body felt to me. It was passionate and filling and I am not sure if the orgasm started in my head or in my groin but the pleasure was overwhelming, especially since Mac was coming too. I collapsed against Him and He held me and rocked me and W/we lay there just content to be together for a while. Eventually I felt Mac start to stir beneath me.

'Sarah?' He whispered lovingly while He gently stroked my hair.
'Mmmhmmm?' I murmured snuggling further into His chest.
'I am starving, can W/we eat now?'
I looked at Him and started to laugh.
'Wot!' He said. 'I can't help it. I am a man.'

I love being allowed to be so much in love.

God, I love Him for that.

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