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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I kept my head bowed as the men milled around assessing the situation of the slut that had been offered to them. He stood off to the side, watching intently as the level of tension in the room rose without any of the men making a move.

Quietly, but without any doubt to His authority He ordered me to raise my skirt.

'Show these men that a slut wears no panties.'

Without hesitation I pulled my skirt up past the top of my stockings, up to my waist so that my pretty smooth pussy was on display for them all.

One of the men, young and brash moved to stand in front of me for a closer assessment and was surprised when I spoke.

'How may I please you today?'

He took hold of my hair and tipped my face up so that he could look me in the eye.

'You will suck my cock,' he said arrogantly.

I heard the smirks and chuckles and ribbing of the others and I heard them silence as my fingers simply reached for the zipper on his pants and freed his cock. The room was deathly quiet as ran my fingers along the length of his shaft. I looked at his penis as it hardened in erection and slowly licked my lips.

'Mmmmm' broke the silence before my tongue snaked out and licked the slit in his cock. He moaned and I opened my mouth for him to push into. My hand reached for his balls while he fucked my mouth without finesse. He pushed so deeply into my throat that I fought hard not to gag on each stroke. The other hand reached behind him and rubbed over his asshole. He growled and I moaned in return and pushed just the tip of a finger into his ass. He came deep inside my mouth instantly, almost choking me as I tried desperately to swallow while he held me so tightly on his cock. He pulled from me quickly; almost embarrassed that he had come so quickly. I licked my lips again and quietly said 'thankyou'. He grinned, his former arrogance returned and he strutted back to the watching men.

A moment of awkwardness fell again across the room until another man stepped forward already unzipping his pants. Again I asked 'How may I please you?'

'Lie back and show me your breasts.'

I did as I was told, the cold of the floor hardly noticed beneath my back, unbuttoning my top and pulling my bra up above my tits. He knelt between my legs, massaging his cock. His fingers reached for and penetrated my pussy, a swift in and out to check the wetness before he placed the head of his cock just inside me. He leant forward and thrust inside me. I moaned at the sudden intrusion and pulled him to me, wrapping my legs around him and sucking on his neck. I raised my hips to meet each of his thrusts, squeezing my muscles against him. His breath quickened against my neck and I whispered in his ear. 'Please come for me, I want to feel you come, please baby, come.' He moaned and I turned and pushed my tongue into his mouth. He bucked against me and I felt his semen splash inside me as he cried out. He lay heavily against me as my muscles milked his cock carefully, finishing him while I kissed his neck.

One of the men watching suddenly blurted out 'I will fuck the slut like a dog.' The others smirked and pushed him forward as the second man left me. I turned to my knees, slipping off my blouse and bra as I did.

'Would you prefer to fuck my pussy or my ass?' I asked softly as they all watched semen leak from me to the floor between my legs.

'Christ.' he moaned. He knelt behind me and plunged his cock quickly inside my pussy for lubrication, then just as quickly he pushed into my ass as I squirmed back on him. I moaned as he raped my ass without any thought to my comfort, fast thrusts that threatened to tear me. I came violently, shuddering and contracting, whimpering when his thrusts continued through my orgasm. 'Harder' I begged and I came again, this time drawing an orgasm from him as well, his cock pulsing in my ass.

I felt something hot press against my cheek and turned my head to an older man kneeling beside me, his cock red and swollen and ready to spill. I opened my mouth and took him in and sucked the spunk from him while finishing off the man that had fucked my ass. The older man spilled copiously into my mouth then stood and tucked himself back into his pants. He looked at me with some regret as I moved back into a kneeling position after the man who had fucked my ass had withdrawn.

'I have to go,' the older man said. I reached my hand out to him and stroked his thigh.
'Thankyou' I whispered. He groaned and turned away with real regret and left quickly.

The next man was the one I had expected to be the first. He was bigger than the rest and he stank of masculinity. His hands were heavily calloused and his body was built for manual labour, broad shoulders and chest and strong arms. He ruled over these men. His strength was such that he scared me and excited me and his presence in front of me made me feel so tiny. I faltered before this one, the words sticking in my throat. I knew this one would fuck me the way he did everything in his life, totally in control.

I looked for Him and saw Him watching carefully. He saw how I felt and He smiled at me. My eyes fell on the bulge in His pants and I could see His cock straining at the zipper. I turned back to the man before me who had watched the exchange between us and I asked, 'How may I please you?' He grunted and unzipped his pants. He grabbed my head and forced my mouth onto his cock, rocking my head back and forward without moving himself. I felt his cock swell in my mouth and he withdrew.

'Give me your ass.' He ordered. I turned and presented my ass to him. He pushed my head down so that my breasts were pressed against the floor, ass raised and he pushed inside my ass, pulling my hips back onto him with his hands. I cried out and he grunted and thrust into me again. He lent over me, his cock pressed into me balls deep and he pushed into me, thrusting without withdrawing. I grunted at each thrust, pushing back onto him trying to suck him in deeper than he already was. I felt him near orgasm and wriggled against him harder, turning my head to sneak my tongue into his mouth, but again he withdrew from me. I moaned in frustration and he quickly turned me to my back and pressing me to the ground with his weight. His cock pressed inside my cunt and I raised my hips to meet him. I wrapped my legs around him and sucked at his neck as he pound away at me. He bit at my neck and I cried out, the others in the room looking at us nervously, aware that He was watching. He pulled his head back from my neck and looked at me gasping beneath him.

'My tits,' I begged. 'Bite my tits. Hurt my tits.' He sank his teeth into my flesh and this time I screamed and bucked beneath him. He moved to the other breast and repeated what he had done to the first. Tears flowed from my eyes as I felt the skin break. I bucked and writhed, crying and coming and shuddering uncontrollably beneath him. My hands tangled in his hair and brought his mouth to mine and I wriggled my tongue into his mouth to taste my own blood as he finally lost control and come so hard inside me that I thought he would split me apart. I cried quietly against his shoulder thanking him again and again as my body recovered from the intensity. I kissed him softly on the cheek and he withdrew.

The next guy asked for me to suck his cock, and I did so gladly. As he started to come he pulled from my mouth and jerked himself over my face and neck. I smiled softly at him as he shamefacedly tucked himself away.

'My ex-wife would never let me do that,' he started to explain. I grinned at him and thanked him.
'I am honoured by your gift.'

The young guy I had sucked first came back to me again and this time he chose to fuck my pussy. As he entered me he came again and tried to quickly withdraw, the embarrassment evident. I held him inside me and whispered to him gently.

'Stay inside me baby, I know you can give me more.' I used my muscles to entice his cock to stay hard and I kissed him repeatedly until he was ready to move inside me again. He fucked me for a long time, the immediate urge to come already been met. He fumbled with rhythm and used me awkwardly and I encouraged him, his inexperience obvious especially amongst these older men. I fed to him a bruised breast and he whimpered and came inside me again, his body shuddering and collapsing against me. I stroked his hair and told him how much I had enjoyed him. He withdrew from me reluctantly, but others were waiting for a second turn.

Again I was ass and pussy fucked and again my mouth was used to take the semen of any man that chose to use me that way. More teeth marks were placed on my breasts and neck and I begged for more. My ass and pussy felt raw and my throat ached by the time the men had run out of ways to use me. I knelt beside Him as I had at the beginning of the night. I looked at each of them and thanked them again as they left.

Suddenly it was just us. I stayed on my knees and He stood in front of me. I had a sudden urge to be clean and I moved my hand to my cheek to wipe a man's semen from it. He reached out and stopped me.

'Don't. Not yet. I need to use you too.' My heart raced as He continued. 'Tell me angel, where do you hurt the most.'

I couldn't raise my head. 'My ass. They were rough.'

'Yes they were. So angel, tell me how you would like me to fuck you.'

'Oh god, Darling, my ass, please fuck my ass.'

His hand tangled in my hair, pulling my head up and drawing my eyes to His.

'Yes woman, I will fuck your ass.'

I moaned and turned to present to Him my ass. He could see the semen of the other men leaking from both my ass and my pussy, my stockings streaked with it from both where it had leaked from me and from where a man had jerked himself across the back of my legs while I had sucked on his friend's penis on my hands and knees. He moaned and pressed His cock against my ass and He was surprised when I pushed back against Him forcing Him inside me. He mounted me and moved Himself deep inside me while I whimpered with lust and begged for more of Him. He bit my shoulders and my neck and His hand played with my already sore nipple and when I came I sobbed and called His name over and over, begging Him to stop and not to stop, never to stop. He growled and I turned my head and pushed my tongue past His lips, wriggling it in His mouth, wanting nothing more than to draw the semen from His balls through His cock and into me. He collapsed on top of me, His weight almost crushing me and not caring at all. I lay quietly beneath Him, crying softly as I used my muscles to finish Him properly. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear and kissed me again and again and we lay like that for the longest time while His cock softened and His breathing returned to normal.

Eventually we rose and I washed my face and hands and slipped my bra and top back on and straightened my skirt. He held my hand and we slipped out of that place and He drove home.

Later, as I undressed I knelt before Him and He watched lazily as I licked the semen from my skirt and masturbated myself to orgasm, pressing the come of other men against my clitoris. He pulled me to Him and used me again, fucking my abused pussy and filling it with His semen on top of all the others. We showered together and when we climbed into bed my hands reached for His cock again and I gently jerked Him, finishing Him with my mouth before curling up in His arms. I felt so fragile and so precious in His arms, my whole body aching. He held me so carefully that I could never want to be anywhere else but with Him. I played with His hair and watched Him fall asleep and I loved Him so much that even if He had been awake to hear I could not have found the words to tell Him.

I know this. I can't find the words.

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