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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

She stood at the entrance to the beast's lair and shifted quietly from foot to foot. Her hands curled into fists at her side. She opened her mouth but whatever she was going to say died before it reached her lips. She closed it again and shifted her feet once more. She wanted Him to turn around and acknowledge her. She knew He knew she was there.

'TURN AROUND YOU BASTARD!' she screamed silently. 'Turn around and look at me. Turn around and see my hurt, see my need and make it go away. Look at me, broken and bruised and love me anyway. I dare You to love me anyway. I dare You to want me still. I dare You to give a damn.'

The silence stretched between them.

'Don't leave me here alone,' she begged without uttering a sound. 'Please don't leave me standing here by myself. Don't let me keep hurting like this. I need to love You. I need...'

'What are you doing, girl?' The sound of His voice startled her out of her thoughts and she jumped like a guilty child caught with chocolate smeared around her lips.

'Nothing,' she breathed so quietly that she thought He might not have heard.

He sighed and her heart shattered into a million teardrops that fell about her feet, only one escaping to slip quietly down her cheek. She felt His tiredness in her chest and did not wish to be the cause of anymore of His pain.

He turned to see her standing there naked in so many ways. He captured her with His eyes and she quickly lowered hers, hiding from Him her soul laid bare.

'Don't' He whispered and she gathered her strength about her like a shield and stared back at Him, putting a wall of stupid anger between them.

'Don't.' He said again and she closed her eyes and let the wall flow away. Her fists unclenched and she stood before Him hiding nothing once more. He nodded slightly, satisfied.

'Come here,' He ordered and was surprised to find her in His lap almost before the words were finished forming on tongue. She buried her face in His neck, touching Him, smelling Him, breathing Him in. He touched her, reminding Himself of the softness of her skin and gentleness of her curves. He pressed into her most secret of places and her breath caught against His neck. He played her perfectly, a beautiful melody drawn from within. She shuddered delicately, her orgasm rippling through her softly. She whimpered quietly, His lips covering hers and stealing the sounds from her mouth. He kissed her with a tenderness that took her breath away. She was completely His.

'Take me to bed, angel,' He whispered, nuzzling against her cheek. 'Show me how much you love me.'

She slid from His lap and stood before Him again. She held out her hand and He took it, happy to let her lead, just for now.

For a little while they shut the world out.

There would be time enough for reality tomorrow.

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