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Thursday, May 06, 2004

She woke to an insistent tugging on her hair. She frowned and groaned and buried her face into the pillow. She heard Him chuckle and she felt unreasonable anger at His joy in annoying her. He tugged again, hurting her slightly. She struggled and growled, wanting Him to go away and let her sleep. He tugged once more and she came out of the pillow to tell Him to sod off but He was quicker than her and easily turned her to her back. He moved across her chest and sat on her, pinning her to the bed. His effort had been negligible.

She wriggled beneath Him, trying ineffectually to escape. He chuckled again, raising her ire.

'Bastard,' she hissed and He slapped her cheek. It warmed her skin without really hurting but the surprise of it had caused her pussy to clench and she gasped.

'You may call me Sir,' He stated. She looked at Him with a mixture of amusement and defiance. He locked His jaw and she saw He meant it. 'Well?' He asked.

'Bastard, Sir,' she replied coldly and He threw His head back and laughed.

His cock, lay hotly between her breasts, both of them very aware of it against her skin. She raised her head slightly so she could see it before resting back against the pillow.

'Is this what you want, girl?' He stroked His cock arrogantly, milking the precum to the tip.

She was annoyed. She knew she shouldn't be but damn it, she had been sleeping. She was tired and she was irritable and it was the middle of the night. He wanted to have sex and she was just supposed to give it up because He wanted it. She didn't feel like complying. She really just wanted to pout.

'No.' She said it loud and clear. She said it with an air of authority. She said it with meaning. He slapped her, three times, one after the other with much more strength to them than the first. She felt the heat spread out through her groin. Tears welled in her eyes but she refused to let them spill. She raised her hand to scratch at Him in return but He captured both her hands easily holding them in one of His hands as He slapped her again. She whimpered.

'I told you to call me Sir. Watch yourself, girl.' He took her hands and placed each into a cuff that were connected to each other around a bar in the headboard. She didn't struggle. He had subdued her enough for the moment. When He was satisfied with the fit He sat back on Her chest.

'Now,' He said, stroking His cock once more, 'is this what you want?'

Her eyes narrowed, her anger was boiling in her mind, blanking out the throbbing between her legs.

'No' she hissed and she looked at the ceiling, refusing to meet His gaze. He threw his head back again and laughed. He placed the head of His cock against her cheek then moved it across her face, marking her with His precum. She closed her eyes and tried to block the warm stickiness out. She heard Him chuckling again. He slid down her body like a cat stretching out in the sunshine. He brought His mouth up close to her ear.

'I am afraid my darling girl, 'no' is a luxury you don't have a right to.' He slapped her once more, harder than any that had come before. 'And you will call me Sir. I will not tell you again. Do you understand?'

Her anger shuddered through her. His absolute arrogance that He could take from her whatever He wanted made her want to scream. The confidence in His eyes made her want to scratch them from His face. His grin mocked her, teased her anger to a new height.

'Yes Sir,' she answered through clenched teeth.
'Good girl,' He chuckled.

She stared at the ceiling and breathed.

He played with her body. His fingers squeezed her nipples without pinching. His cock pressed against her thigh and not her groin. She squirmed against these almost, but not quite, intense sensations. It drove her crazy. His teeth grazed her breast and she tried to push her skin harder against His mouth. He moved away.

She could smell Him and she could smell herself and she hated her body for betraying her the way it did. She ached for Him to take her, she ached for Him to use her, she ached for His body to be inside of hers. He kissed her face, licking His precum from her and taking it to her lips. She opened her mouth to accept it from Him.

'Tell me you want it, little one. Tell me you want my cock.' His voice melted inside her mind, her tormentor had become her seducer again. His lips nuzzled against her neck.

'No... Sir,' she whispered. Her voice had faltered.
'I told you girl, 'no' is a luxury you don't have.'

He forced His legs between hers. She gasped and struggled against Him. He slapped her and easily spread her legs wider with His own. She struggled harder, adrenaline making her stronger than she should have been. He laughed at her efforts and knelt between her legs, forcing them up to her chest. He lent forward and His cock tore into her body.

He released her legs, knowing that she wouldn't lower them and He lay over her body, fucking her with ease. She twisted and turned beneath Him, her hands pulling at the cuffs. He fucked her hard, each stroke deeper than the one before. The pain of Him filling her caused her to cry out each time He pressed inside her.

'Tell me you want it, slut,' He growled into her ear.
'No Sir,' her breath caught.
'Tell me you need to be fucked, little whore.'
'No... Sir,' she gasped. His hands captured her hair and exposed her neck to Him. He licked her skin, tasting her. She felt His mouth sucking at her, bruising her. She arched back, raising her hips to His.

'It's not yours anymore, girl. It's mine. You gave it up a long time ago. You are mine. Give me what belongs to me, slut. Give me what is mine.' His voice ordered, demanded, filled her mind and wiped out everything else.

She writhed as He overtook her body. Her hands clenched into fists inside their bindings, her fingernails biting into her palms. She grunted with the strain of the pleasure that controlled the movement of her muscles. Her legs wrapped around His back, drawing Him further inside as her orgasm filled the world around them both.

'Good girl,' He whispered into her whimpering mouth. 'My good girl.'
'Don't stop, she moaned. 'Please don't dare stop. Sir.'

He smiled and reached above them both to unclip her hands. Her fingers tangled in His hair, dragging His lips to hers. She devoured Him in her hunger, her need for Him.

'Please Sir, come for me? Please come. I want it. Please?' She begged. He grinned at her.

'Do you really think I am going to make it that easy for you, girl?' He turned and pulled her over with Him. She sat over His cock. He held her hips, controlling her thrusting. He teased her, not allowing her to fuck Him the way she needed to. Not letting her fuck Him with abandon. His control frustrated her and He knew it.

He slid His hand up her body, touching her chin and tilting her head back. She held this position. He slapped her tits, firm slaps that reverberated into the muscles inside her.

'You are such a little slut.' He said. 'You are such a little whore. You will do anything for me wont you? Anything to please your Man.'

'Yes Sir' she gasped as He slapped her tits again. Her whole body felt like it was throbbing. She raked her nails across His stomach. 'Harder? Please? Sir.'

He sat up and she quickly fed her breast into His mouth. Her body convulsed as He took the nipple between His teeth and ran His tongue back and forth across it. She called Him 'God', she swore at Him and she pressed His face harder against her as her body was rocked with orgasm again.

He released her nipple and she released His head and He lay back against the bed. She fell over the top of Him, capturing herself with her arms before she landed on Him. His hands went back to her hips, controlling her movements once more. Her hair fell about them like a curtain.

'I love You, Sir,' she whispered and He let her tongue slip between His lips. She pulled away from Him just enough for Him to see her spit dribble from her mouth to His. He groaned and His body stiffened beneath her. She leant down and sucked at His neck, bruising Him the way He had done to her. His hands dug into her sides, pulling her down harder against Him.

'Your blood' she whispered, the lust in her voice obvious. 'I need to taste your blood.' She pinched His skin between her teeth and He did not object. She felt it break and the warm metallic taste flowed into her mouth. He gasped at the pain, then grunted at the feeling in His groin. She knew, He knew, His cock felt monstrous inside her. She took the taste of His blood to His mouth and His tongue snaked out to meet hers. She sucked it and His pleasure exploded within her. His body shook, His growls almost lost in her moans of ecstasy. Her fingers dug into the bed, pulling the sheets from the corners. His hips jerked up into her over and over and her muscles tightened on Him, never wanting Him to stop. He came again, then again and she felt it as though it was her own, His pleasure touching her in places hers never reached. He shuddered again and then lay still beneath her.

She kissed His lips and His cheeks, His eyes and the hollow of His throat. She gently licked the blood that still seeped from His neck. He winced slightly.

'Ouch' He complained. She giggled at Him. 'You bit me!' He said. She laughed.
'Well, You bit my nipple first!' she retorted and quickly added 'Sir' when His fingers tightened around her hair. He laughed and pulled her lips to His. They kissed for a very long and lovely time.

'You know, He said when they finally came up for air. 'You really have very little control over that slut inside you. Especially when you are being dominated and controlled.'
'I really was mad at You,' she countered.
'I know, but I really wanted to fuck you and I wasn't about to let your temper tantrum get in the way.'
'And what if I really meant no?'
He laughed. 'Like that is ever going to happen.'
She grinned. 'It might.'
'Yeah, well when it does, someone had better send the devil a warm coat because it will be mighty cold down there.'

She snuggled down into the bed laying on her back beside Him. He turned and cuddled up against her, His head near her breast. She twisted His hair between her fingers and He started to drift towards sleep.

'Mac?' she whispered, 'I love You. Sir.' She felt Him smile against her breast.
'Shut up, Sarah. Go to sleep.'

She smiled and closed her eyes.

'Good girl,' she thought as she felt her mind slide.

And she was.

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