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Friday, May 21, 2004

We went out last night. It was fun. We hung out with people we know and relaxed. I misbehaved. Not the type of misbehaving that gets me into trouble. Well ok it got me into trouble, but it was the type of trouble I enjoy.

Mac and I were bantering back and forth about something so benign I cant remember what it was, something along the lines of the toilet seat left up. (That wasn't it, but that is how silly the discussion was.) I was standing in front of Mac at the time. People were around but I don't think anyone was taking any notice of us. I slid my arms around His neck as a sign of peace and to finish the discussion and He had to get in one last smartass comment. So I licked His lips, right there, in the middle of the room.

Now you should remember that the other day, licking Macs lips made Him go all weak with lust. I know Mac well and I know when He is caught up on something, doing it at the most inappropriate times is very likely to get a huge reaction from Him. I held my breath. He growled at me and His hand tangled in my hair. He gave me that look, the one that lets me know that I should be on my knees with His semen dripping from my face. The look that scares me into believing that this time He really is going to use me in front of all the people there. It is a look that makes me believe that the hand in my hair is going to drag me to my knees and His cock is going to mark me as a whore in front of all our friends and quite a few strangers. It petrifies me when He looks at me with such obvious lust. I can taste His need in the air. I want Him too. I tried to move away but His hand in my hair held me to Him. He leaned into my ear.

'Slut.' He hissed softly. 'I love you.' And He let me go.

I breathed out. It had taken only moments, a tiny piece of time but it had felt like we had been standing like that a lifetime. Someone spoke to Mac and He looked away. I felt like I had woken from a dream. I cleared my throat and composed myself and walked away from the heat radiating off His body. My face was flushed, I was overly heated and as soon as I had taken a step I knew that I was wet. I felt that I was being watched and I turned to find Mac following every move I made. I knew that I was marked as prey. He was just biding His time.

It wasn't long before He announced we were leaving and we walked to the car. I was giddy on the anticipation but He didn't say a word or make a move. We drove home in relative silence and it never entered my mind that He was no longer interested. When He looked at me, it was a look of hunger. When He did speak to me it was with commands, not conversation. There was no mistake that Mac was in complete control and I would submit to Him tonight.

Mac held the door open for me but before I was all the way through He grabbed my hair and forced me back against the wall. He kicked the door shut and dropped His keys on the floor. His hands went up inside my top and His fingers pried beneath my bra, lifting it over my tits. He forced my top and my bra off over my head, no messing about with buttons or clasps for Him. His tongue fucked my mouth, demanding, probing, making me whimper. His hand found my hair again and He pulled me to my knees. He slapped me once.

'Is this what you want slut?' He asked as His hands released His cock from His pants.
I looked at Him with a lust that overwhelmed me.

'Yes' I pleaded.
He slapped me again.
'Yes what?' He asked.
'Yes Sir.' I said.

He jerked His cock and within seconds He was coming over my face. His semen landed on my cheeks and in my hair, over my lips and on my neck. I smiled up at Him as He came and gently reached for His still pulsing cock and took it into my mouth to finish Him off. He groaned and His whole body shook. I giggled.

He withdrew from my mouth and tipped my face up to His.

'You are a mess,' He said. 'A dirty little slut and its your own fault, licking my lips like that. You are going to have to keep my come on your face.' He pushed me onto my back and He lay down between my legs. He fucked me with His fingers and His tongue. He bit at me with His teeth. He made me come and come and come until He grew tired of not having anything else handy to fuck me with. I was ordered upstairs to the bedroom and He fucked me again, this time with various dildos and toys. He fucked my ass and my pussy and He made me beg Him to stop and plead with Him not to stop and I ached from coming so much.

When He was ready He turned me onto my belly and pulled me to my knees and with a dildo in my pussy, He fucked my ass and He called me a greedy little slut. He bit my neck and shoulders. All I could do was sob. I came and He came and I stayed beneath Him on the bed, crying quietly. He licked my cheek and nuzzled into my neck and stayed inside me until He softened and slipped out.

'God,' He whispered. 'You did that lip licking thing on purpose.' He rolled off me and lay beside me watching me. I snuggled into His chest.
'Uh huh.' I murmured.
'I do love you.' He said and wrapped His arm around me.
'Uh huh.' I murmured and snuggled deeper. I reached up and played with His hair until He fell asleep.

I love how the littlest thing can start it. I love how we feed off each other's lust. I love how strong His control can be. I love how He sleeps so peacefully when He has been drained. I love being used for His pleasure. I know I have said it before but I can't help it. I really do love being used for His pleasure.

And I love that He loves it too.

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