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Friday, June 25, 2004

I woke this morning and Mac announced we have an 11am fight to catch.

'Where too?' I sensibly asked.
'If you needed to know don't you think I would have told you?' He arrogantly answered.
'We are going away?' (It was early. I am not always with it in the mornings.)
'Yes Sarah, we are going away. No phones, no laptops, no emails, no interruptions. So get up and do the things you have to do because I am not missing this flight.'
'Why didn't You tell me last night?'
'Because I felt like surprising you with it this morning.'
'But I have nothing packed, nothing ready. You have given me just a couple of hours to get everything done. I need more time.'
'You don't, I have given you plenty of time.'
'I do. Who do You think I am, Wonder Woman?'
'Who you are, woman, is less important than what you are and what you are, is Mine. You know what you need to do, now get it done.'
'Yes Sir,' I answered in my most chastised voice. I climbed out of bed feeling a little guilty that I had whined about what is a most marvellous surprise. 'Mac?' I asked tentatively. 'What should I pack?'
'Just pack the leather cuffs. You won't need much else.' He grinned when I looked at Him in alarm. 'All right, maybe a dress or two. It will be hot where we are.'

And so here I am, packed, excited, ready to go with an hour to spare. I have done everything I need to do and I have been well informed by Mac that I have packed too many clothes, especially since He intends on keeping me naked most of the time. I am looking forward to some Mac and Sarah time. I am looking forward to spending some time being owned.

I have a fantasy to share before I go...

He tightened the collar around her neck and she was glad that she was kneeling. Her knees couldn't buckle on her this way. She held onto the silver chain, the leash, and offered it up to Him on both her hands. He accepted it from her and they both smiled as He drew her to feet. He kissed her, His hands passing over her naked flesh. There was no doubt in anyone's mind. She belonged to Him.

He turned her so she faced the room and pressed His body against her back. His arm crossed the front of her body and held her to Him. Together they surveyed the people watching them, and together they chose the one that it would be.

The man was a little different to the rest, a little more aloof, a little arrogant and as soon as they saw him, they both knew. Her One nibbled at her ear while His hand cupped her breast, His fingers teasing her nipple to a peak, causing her to push her hips back against Him. The man watched them narrow eyed, his desire for her evident by the bulge in his pants. She stared at him, challenging him to look away. He didn't.

'Do you want him?' Her One whispered in her ear. He still held her leash in His hand.
'Do you want me to have him?' She asked, holding her lust back until she had His permission to release it. She would get no pleasure from it unless it pleased Him too.

In answer He simply tugged her leash down and she slid easily to her knees. She lowered her head, her eyes focused on nothing but the floor. Her trust in Him was such that she feared nothing. He would protect her from anything that wished to harm her. He would watch the world and keep her safe. She loved Him so much.

He took a step forward and she moved to all fours to crawl along beside Him. She felt so sensual, so sexually alive as her muscles slid over each other. She knew she over emphasised each movement. Her ass swinging just a little more than it needed too. Her arms almost crossing like a lion stalking prey. She hoped He noticed her little play. She hoped it made Him smile. His girl was enjoying herself, celebrating being female, loving being His.

She felt His hand stroke her hair and she knew that He approved. She almost purred with delight.

The other man's feet were in front of her when He stopped and tugged lightly on the leash. She knelt back, her eyes still watching the floor. Nothing was said. She knew it was not her place to speak. She hardly existed as herself. Right now, she was just His. She heard the zip of jeans being undone and she shivered ever so slightly. She could smell the cock in front of her, she could almost feel the heat of its arousal and she shivered once again.

The chain was held tightly. He wouldn't let her go. The control was His. The lust was shared between them. She knew she could get lost in it. He would pull her away when He had enough. He would take her for Himself when she was done. It was ok for her to be salacious, decadent, wanton with her desires. He wanted her to be.

She glanced up and was not surprised to see a drop of precum forming on the head.

'Lick it, you dirty little bitch,' the owner of the cock said. 'Suck on my cock.'

Her hands came up to hold the penis gently, tentatively. Shyly she leaned forward and her tongue snaked out from between her lips. She touched just that drop, just that tiny bead of precum and she moaned at the way it made her clitoris throb. Her tongue reached for the cock again and then again as she licked around the head. She groaned at the taste, she grunted at the heat and she whimpered at the way his hips pushed his cock further into her mouth. Her lips dragged across it, her tongue cupping it from beneath and she gave her self up to the lust she felt. She kissed it, she licked it, she nuzzled it against her cheek, she caressed it with her fingers and she massaged it with her thumbs. She stroked it, she held it up to lick his balls and the whole time she made little noises, almost like she was choking on her own desire. Her tongue pried into the slit while her thumb pressed against the glands below the head and she was so caught up in loving his cock that she was surprised when a hand in her hair pulled her back, allowing the cock to spurt all over her neck and tits. She grunted and growled and tried to reach for the semen with her tongue. She wanted it, she had made him come, it belonged to her.

She fought against the hand in her hair until He released her and allowed her to suck the last of the orgasm from him. She mewled and whimpered, sucking and licking until the man was spent. His knees buckled and he pulled away from her. She watched him hungrily, licking the last of his semen from her lips.

'Slut' her Male said. She turned her head to look at Him and smiled. He grabbed her hair again and tilted her head back to kiss her, to taste another man's cock in her mouth. She purred holding His cheek, caressing His face.

'You are mine.' He told her and she looked at Him carefully, looking for any sign of doubt, any need for reassurance from her and she smiled again when she found none.

He pulled the leash up and she rose to stand before Him. She ran her finger through some of the hot semen on her tits and painted it along His lips. He allowed her too, watching her lustfully. She held His face again and drew His mouth to hers and they both moaned when her tongue snaked out to lick the semen from His lips. His hand tangled in her hair holding her head to Him as His tongue thrust into her mouth, raping her with an intensity that made her knees give way.

'I am Yours,' she whispered weakly when He finally let her go. He cleared His throat but still His voice was thick with lust.

'I think it is time for me to have you to myself.' He said. 'I feel like being selfish for a while.'

Have a deliciously decadent weekend!

I know we will.

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