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Friday, June 11, 2004

My favourite picture of Mac and I was taken by a very good friend of ours that didn't mind seeing Mac and I naked. I am kneeling, naked in front of Mac. I have my mouth around His cock. He is also naked and He is looking down at me, the fingers on the hand that you can't see are caressing my cheek. We got the inspiration for this picture from a newspaper feature on the Duchess of Argyll (1912-1993) and her lovers. There were similar pictures of her discovered in 1963, only the male's head was not shown. There is still speculation about who he was. The Duchesses taste in men was eclectic, he could have been famous, rich, powerful, royalty or the gardener, she took all to her bed and not always one at a time.

We had this picture, along with quite a few others, taken for our pleasure (because I asked ever so nicely) over a year ago, before Emma was a part of our lives. I see pictures like the one on freak angel's blog, two girls lying side by side in vests and panties, totally absorbed in each other, and I know I want some pictures taken with Emma like that. And then I have to think how to have Mac in the photos too. I don't want it to look posed. Even though we both knew what we wanted from the last set of shots, we sort of forgot about the camera and I was really concentrating on sucking on His cock. That's why it is one of my favourite pics. It seems so naturally us.

Yesterday when Mac arrived home I flew into His arms and kissed Him.

'Can we fuck?' I said. He looked at me sternly but I saw the amusement in His eyes.
'How many times have I told you, say what you mean?' He asked.
'I know,' I said hanging my head in mock shame. 'I am sorry.' I glanced up at Him. 'So can we?' I asked again.
'Only if you come right out and ask. I don't pick up on subtle hints.'
'Mac? Can we go upstairs right now, get naked and fuck each other witless?'
'Sarah!' He exclaimed.
'What!' I exclaimed back at Him.
'Some decorum woman! You should be more subtle.'
I smacked His arm.
'You hit like a girl,' He sneered.
'I am a girl. See.' I said unbuttoning my top. 'I have tits.'
He laughed. 'Get your ass upstairs woman, before I have to fuck you right here on the floor.'
I walked casually over to the bottom of the stairs. He watched me. I stopped and looked at Him over my shoulder.
'Last one to the bedroom has to be the submissive.' I said and I ran.

He caught me two steps into the hallway and picked me up turning us both around so that He was between the bedroom door and me and I was suddenly facing the wrong way. He held me long enough to hiss 'smartass' in my ear, and then He was in the bedroom and I had lost like I expected to do.

When I got to the doorway He was sitting in the chair at the other end of the room.

'So my little submissive, get undressed.' He ordered. I grinned, but did as I was told. I started to walk towards Him but He stopped me by holding up His hand.

'Crawl.' He said and I got onto my hands and knees and crawled across the floor, sitting back on my heels when I reached His feet. He moved forward and His fingers slid between my legs and along my pussy. He shook His head at me and I lowered my eyes, knowing what He was going to say.

'You are soaking wet, little slut. What have you been thinking that has made you so horny?'

I blushed. I blushed badly. I didn't want to say. He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back and He smeared my juices over my cheek and pushed His fingers into my mouth.

'Answer me.' He demanded and I knew we weren't just playing anymore. This was going to be rough sex. I suddenly got quite hot and I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. He slapped me. The hand in my hair gripped it even tighter.

'I wont ask again.' He said.

I knew He meant it and I closed my eyes and I told Him how I had been thinking of the night before and how He had looked when He came and how He had smelt when He held me tight and the noises He had made when His body had shuddered and the strength of His muscles when He had carried me to the couch. I told Him I had been thinking of how He pulled on His jeans when the doorbell had rung and how He looked, shirtless, hair tousled, fresh love-bites on His neck and fingernail marks on His chest. I had been thinking about how He looked like He had been just fucked and smelt like He had been just fucked and He had answered the door and talked so casually with the man that was delivering our food. I had wondered if the deliveryman had guessed. I wondered if the deliveryman had been jealous. I wondered if his cock had pulsed at the thought that Mac had so recently been laid. I told Mac all of this.

'And what would you have thought if I had brought the deliveryman inside and showed him my little well fucked slut lying on the floor?' He asked. I tried so hard to suppress the tiny little smile, but He saw it.

'Christ. You are a whore.' He said. He let go of my hair. 'Get onto the bed, whore, I know just what to give a little slut like you.'

He was vicious and He was loving and my pussy is still sore from the attention it received. He restrained me simply because He likes the way it turns me on. He slapped me because He likes the way it makes me come. He pulled my hair and called me names and covered me in tiny kisses that left me breathless. He bit my nipples and licked my belly button and the only thing I could think to scream was His name. He told me that He was turned on thinking that the deliveryman would be making his next delivery with his hair tousled, love-bites on his neck, covered in the stench of sex. He came twice, once in my pussy and once in my ass and the second left Him drained. He lay beside me and pulled my head onto His chest.

'Thankyou,' I whispered.
'No Baby, other way round.' He said. 'You are such a good girl.'

We rested for a little while then He dragged me from the bed. It was the middle of the afternoon and we still had things to do.

Last night when everything was settled I went and sat on the floor next to Him while He worked. I had a book and a cushion and I made myself comfortable. He asked me if I was ok and I told Him I was fine, I just needed to be near Him for a while. He smiled at me and I read while He finished off some emails that had come in. When He was done He asked me to sit on His lap and I did. He told me that He loved me so gently for sitting so quietly next to Him when He knows that it goes against my nature to be quiet and I had to admit to thinking of hundreds of different things to say while I was reading and I had said none. We sat together just talking about nothing important until He told me to go shower and get ready for bed. He was almost done for the night.

I happen to be madly in love with Him.

Can anyone tell?

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