Kneeling before Him...



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Monday, June 14, 2004

'What are you doing?' He whispered quietly to the girl who sat astride Him on His lap. She held up His hand and pressed hers to it showing Him how much bigger His hand was in comparison.

'You have huge hands.' She smiled softly.
'No, you just have tiny hands.'

She grinned at Him slyly. 'Do You know why girls have little hands?'
He looked at her warily and shook His head.

'It's so boy's think their penises get bigger when we hold it.' She buried her head into His neck and giggled at the thought of His cock in her hands. He smiled at her, indulging her girlishness.

She fell quiet and wriggled closer to Him. Then she squirmed a little more and wriggled again. She sat still for a moment before she started wriggling some more.

'What are you doing?' He asked, almost becoming exasperated.
'I can't get close enough to You,' she whispered. 'I want to feel like I am a part of You.'

He pulled her backwards by her hair so He could see her face. 'You are a part of me,' He told her firmly. He brought His lips to hers and slowly and deeply kissed her, caressing her mouth with His tongue. He released her and she gasped for air as His tongue licked along her neck.

'Entwined?' she asked feeling the sensuous movements of His tongue send shivers down her spine.
'Entwined' He breathed heavily into her ear before tucking her back into His chest. She rested quietly against Him, her fingers tangling and untangling in His hair, His hands softly stroking her back. The gentleness of a day spent loving each other settled on them peacefully and the silence surrounded them with everything that needed to be said.

He felt her tears against His shoulder and nuzzled tenderly into her neck.
'What are you doing now?' He asked her, already feeling the answer but wanting to hear her say it.
'I am just loving You,' she murmured softly against His chest.

He smiled and His arms tightened ever so slightly around her. She smiled and she knew He would never let her go.

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