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Thursday, July 08, 2004

There are times I want to hurt Him. I want to bruise Him and make Him bleed. There are times I want to own Him, force Him to admit that He is mine. There are times I want to be the predator and have Him acknowledge that He is my prey. There are times when I want to carve my name into His skin, paint my scent on His tongue, burn my image into His mind. I want to know that if any come after me it will be my body He desires beneath Him, my lips He needs to taste. I want to be the one He thinks of when He turns out the light, not just now, but forever. I want Him to be mine.

There are times when I want to steal His strength, His confidence and control. There are times I wish I had them for myself. Sometimes when I feel so small and scared I wish I had His fearlessness. I wish I used my own two feet to stand. Sometimes when I look at Him I hunger for the things that He possess so freely. I want to have the answers that He is always ready to give.

Then He says my name and I am overpowered by the need to be on my knees and at His side.

There are times I am hurt by Him. He bruises me and makes me bleed. He owns me and I gladly admit that I am His. He is the predator and I am His prey. He carves His name on my skin with His tongue and if any come after Him I know that it will be His body I desire, His lips I need to taste. He will be in my mind forever. I am His.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:21 am

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