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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Yesterday after I posted to the blog I went back to bed where Mac was still fast asleep and I jumped Him. I didn't exactly do it sneakily, I just kissed Him until He started to kiss back, then I told Him I wanted Him to come. Funnily enough He was fine with that.

He was still sleepy and He had that morning adrenaline/testosterone rush going on and He came quickly. I teased Him about how easy He is. I think it took about 2 minutes from the time I touched Him until the time He spurted everywhere. He shrugged and asked if I was complaining. I kissed Him and told Him I wasn't.

I let Him know that He had a mug of hot tea waiting for Him on His desk and bounced off to shower. He got up and attended to some emails and read the blog post. Then He showered while I made Him breakfast.

'Real food,' He said. 'None of that girly cereal. It's the weekend you know.'

So I made Him bacon, eggs, toast, more tea, more toast and a hunk of cheese. He came down to breakfast just as I was serving it up. We have our Saturday morning routine perfect.

Mac had just tossed on a pair of jeans and I could hardly eat because I was too busy admiring the scenery. He knows how much I love it when He is wandering around in just jeans. I think I may have been drooling.

We chatted about inconsequential things, and it wasn't until we were both finished that He mentioned the blog. It's a little different for Mac and I than it is for the rest of you. Everyone else reads the blog as an outsider catching a glimpse of our lives. Mac and I see it as a recording of the things that have happened. You feel what I have said, whereas I am trying to say what we felt. (I hope that makes sense.) So it means a lot to me when Mac says that I did manage to capture the feeling of the moment in the words I have written.

He told me yesterday that for His part I got it right again. I was thrilled. Then He asked if I felt that way about His orgasm that morning. Had I felt like cheering and telling the world? I had.

'Strange,' He said. 'I had the feeling that there was just a hint of eye rolling from you this morning.'

I looked at Him, a tiny bit shocked.

I work for His orgasms. I plan for them. I watch Him and gauge the things that turn Him on. I know what He likes and what to avoid. I know the things that make come. It's taken years to know Him this well and I love that I can make Him come quickly, I love that I can make Him lose control. I never ever take His pleasure for granted because I have taken the time to know what it is that makes it so pleasurable for Him. Every single orgasm of His is mine. I told Him this.

'Gosh,' He said. 'I guess I knew this, I just didn't realise.' He sighed. 'Now my cock is throbbing again. You do know that lately I can't get enough of sex with you, right?'

'I have kind of noticed.' I said.

'As soon as I see you I want to come.' He said.

I suddenly realised that I had adopted a completely submissive pose. My hands were in my lap, my head bowed, my eyes lowered. I had slipped into this position without even realising it but it felt so natural for me, so right.

'As soon as I see You I want to make You come.' I said.

'Like now?' His voice had deepened with lust.

'Yes' I said.

'God,' He almost grunted, 'my cock is throbbing with need for you.'

I moved towards Him and He slid His chair away from the table. I knelt between His legs and undid His jeans. His cock sprung free. He was grunting. I devoured Him. He didn't stand a chance against my absolute desire for His orgasm. He has told me before that there is something infinitely horny about a girl who really wants to be sucking on your cock. He told me that He can tell when a girl is doing it from a sense of duty and it just isn't the same as when she really enjoys doing it. I wasn't just enjoying it. I was desperate to take His orgasm from Him. Like I said, He didn't stand a chance.

It took even less time than it had taken in the bedroom. A little of His semen landed on my cheek before I took the rest of His orgasm in my mouth. He couldn't help but push His hips up as He held my head on Him. I loved His loss of control. He let me go as He sank back into the chair. He was drained. I rested my head against His thigh.

'God, I can feel my heartbeat in my cock.' He said.

I pressed my lips against the shaft and smiled.

'I can feel it too.' I whispered.

'I really am getting too easy for you.' He sighed.

I just grinned. He wiped His finger along the semen on my cheek and brought it to my mouth. I sucked His finger clean. He stroked my hair.

'You truly are a beautiful girl.' He said. 'C'mere.'

I climbed up into His lap and we just sat together for a little while. He always makes me feel so tiny and protected when we sit together like that. I feel so loved.

I know there are women that take their men for granted.

I hope Mac never ever feels like I do.

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