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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Yesterday, after my little morning tantrum, Mac called a couple of times through the day just to make sure that I was ok and to tell me that He was thinking about me. Each call made me smile. I decided to do something special for Him and make Him a special meal, something that would make Him drool. Now those of you who aren't regular readers wouldn't realise the panic that crossed Mac's face when He came in the door and I told Him I had made something special for dinner. He really did His best not to turn and run. I knew how brave He was being as He tentatively ask what I had concocted this time.

'Sausages and mashed potato.' I said. 'I even got some ginger beer.'

I wanted so much to giggle at the look of relief on my little Neanderthal's face. He put on some music while I served up dinner and we sat at the table and enjoyed each other's company. We were about half way through the meal when He put down His knife and fork and looked at me.

'You know,' He said, 'I just realised that we are sitting here eating bangers and mash, drinking ginger beer and listening to Vivaldi. We really are quite weird.'

I laughed.

'I could change the music?' I said.
'Nah,' He said. 'I think it is rather perfect.'

And He was right. It was perfect. Sometimes it is the simplest things that fill my day.

Later, after He had finished off some work and I had finished playing with the kittens (boy do they LOVE attention,) we met up in the bedroom getting ready for bed. I had showered quickly and I smelt and felt all clean and yummy and I was standing beside the bed naked when He looked at me.

'God, you are gorgeous.' He said. I think even my toes went red. He laughed and pulled me onto the bed.

He kissed me in all the sweetest of places, my neck, my breasts, the inside of my arms, the palms of my hands, around my belly button and on my thighs. By the time He tasted me I was already on the verge of orgasm and when I came He covered all of my pussy with His mouth and He sucked. I was completely in bliss. It was simply that good.

When He climbed back up my body, I welcomed Him inside me and He became a part of me. He held my hands beside my head and we each watched the other as He thrust into me over and over again. I strained to meet His hips, tried to pull more of Him inside me. I thought that if there were enough of Him in me, He would be mine. His body started to shake with the effort and His eyes never left mine.

'It's you Sarah.' He growled. 'You are the reason I need to come so much.' He released my hands as His face contorted in pleasure and His cock throbbed inside me. I held on to Him tightly, determined to never let Him go. I licked His lips and His chin, tasting me on His skin and He kissed my eyes and the tip of my nose and made me giggle at Him.

When we came apart He lay beside me and pulled my body to His. He wrapped me up in His arms and I felt so tiny, so fragile, so loved and cherished, so protected and safe. I knew that my Male was keeping the world away from me for the night. I knew that I could rest.

I slept soundly and deeply and when I woke this morning, I could smell Him on my skin.

Simply perfect.

My day is already full.

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