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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Back at the beginning, when Mac first made me His, we didn't have issues with invading each other's space. We pretty much just wanted to fuck every minute of every day so basically He spent the night at my place if He wanted to. Sometimes though He had work to do and when He was at my place, He didn't work. We would just keep fucking until exhaustion set in and we fell asleep. So sometimes, He would come over for sex then go home to work. It worked out good for me because I had a job where I had a set amount of things I had to complete each week. The hours I spent on it were up to me, so long as it was finished. I did have certain meetings and I was expected to put in an appearance each day, but as long as my work was done, they weren't fussed about where I did it. I could work on the nights that He did and have free time during the day.

On these nights, I would email Mac something I had written about us, or about Him, usually sexual, designed to turn Him on. I would wait until I knew He was in bed then email it so that it would be there when He woke up in the morning.

Mac wakes up horny morning anyways. For whatever reason, He wants it more when He wakes up than at any other time during the day. So He would wake up, switch on the computer while He made tea, read what I had written then dress and come over to my place for sex before work. It got a lot less complicated when we stopped being so utterly horny and were able to work around each other.

I remember one of these occasions when Mac showed up in the morning and we had sex. I didn't have a meeting until later on in the day so I lazed about in bed while He got Himself dressed again for work. I threw on a robe and walked Him to the door. He turned to kiss me goodbye and He stopped and grinned at me.

'What are You looking so smug about?' I asked.
'You look so thoroughly fucked.' He answered. I started to laugh. 'So,' He said, 'what are you going to do when I go?' I thought about it for a moment.
'I am going to play with the semen You left inside me and make myself come.' I said.
'Oh.' He said.

He kind of stood there for a moment looking at me. He looked at His watch. He licked His lips.

'Ok,' He said, 'I have to go.'

I grinned at His indecision. I kissed Him goodbye and He left. I went to the kitchen to get some orange juice before going back to the bedroom and there was a knock at my door. Mac was standing there again.

'What are You doing?' I said.
'Well, I called work and told them I would be a little late today.' He said. He moved past me and started to pull me towards the bedroom. 'I don't need to come, but I want to watch.'

So I lay on my back on the bed, naked, legs apart, so utterly exposed. I masturbated and Mac watched. It was hard to be so on display, even though it was just for Him.

He watched my eyes and my lips. He watched my breasts and the way my nipples reacted. He watched my fingers pulling His semen from inside me and rubbing it into my clitoris. He watched me suck on my fingers then push them back inside me to do it again. He wanted to see everything. He just sat there and watched right up until I came. Then He put His hand on my lower belly and pushed it down a little. I think He was trying to feel the contractions there. When I had finished He took His hand away and kissed my belly where His hand had been. He looked at me.

'That was gorgeous.' He said. 'I want you to do it again.' I smiled at Him, blushing deeply and my hands snaked back down between my legs. This time when I came, I begged Him for His cock. I begged to have Him inside me and He wanted it as much as I did. He pushed His way into me and fucked me hard. He was sucking our juices from my fingers when He came.

Mac lay next to me a long time afterward, complaining about how tired He now was and how it was entirely my fault. I just laughed at Him and dragged Him to His feet. We showered together and He stuck around long enough to watch me put on my make up before He finally thought He had better go.

It's funny how I can be so open with my sexuality with Him, and still there are some things that just don't come naturally. They really require effort from me to do. The embarrassment I feel when He wants to watch me masturbate has never really gone away, but at the same time, I love doing it for Him. When I have masturbated for Him, I feel so very proud of myself, like I have achieved some great and unbelievable feat, when it really is just another part of sex.

Strange how I feel this way.

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