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Friday, August 13, 2004

I am going to post here a warning. I only do this when I know some may find my content hard to handle. So if you find rape fantasies offensive or upsetting, today might be a good day to skip me over. I will say straight out this was not a rape and not a fantasy, though there are elements of both. At no time did I not want Him inside me, though I fought Him and struggled against Him. I was also not role-playing. I was really trying to get away from Him. I wanted to get away from Him and then smile at Him and give myself to Him. He just wanted to take what was His.

As soon as Mac walked in the door yesterday afternoon He was pissy. He was pissy about the flight, about where He has had to be, about the lack of good food and the sweltering heat. In fact, He was pissy about everything. I figured He needed a nap and told Him so and predictably, this made Him pissy with me.

'I do not need a nap.' He snapped. I gave Him a look.
'Fine,' I said. 'Don't have a nap then.' I walked off into the kitchen to make Him some tea. I also happened to mutter 'cranky bastard' under my breath. He heard me and followed me into the kitchen.
'What did you say?' He said. He was right behind me.
'Nothing.' I shrugged. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.
' What did you say?' He asked again, only this time slightly louder, pronouncing each word clearly. I bit my lip to keep from grinning.
'I called you a cranky bastard.' I said softly. He chuckled.
'You have no idea just how cranky I can get.' He said. His voice was calculating. I looked into His eyes and noticed that they had clouded over. I knew what was on His mind. I wanted to laugh out loud. He had been an absolute bastard since He got home. He could not seriously be contemplating fucking me. He had started venting the second He got in the door and now I was just supposed to put out for Him? Not bloody likely.

He leaned towards me to kiss me and I turned away from Him and started towards the sink. He grabbed me and spun me around again. He stepped out of the way and pushed me up against the wall. I was facing it. His body pressed against me hard. He nuzzled against my neck.

'What are you doing, Sarah?' He whispered.
'Making You tea.' I said a mixture of anger and excitement in my voice.
'Fuck the tea,' He said. 'I want you. Now be a good girl and take your top off.'

He moved back far enough for me to turn around. He was still so very close to me. I didn't dare say a word because I knew my voice would betray my arousal. I tried to push Him away from me, but He was ready and didn't budge.

'Sarah, I am going to fuck you.' He said. 'This can be fucking easy or it can be fucking hard, either way I get what I want. Now take off your damn top.' He didn't yell. He said it with quiet coldness. All I could think was 'You arrogant prick.'

I tried to use my body to push Him away. I stepped away from the wall into Him. He pushed me back and slapped me, just lightly, across the face. I raised my hand to slap Him back and He knocked it away and slapped me again, harder this time. I started to struggle in earnest. I clawed at Him. He grabbed my hands pinned them together over my head. I tried to pull them out, putting all my weight onto them so that they would slip from His grasp. He laughed at me and held them both in one of His hands while He tried to undo my shirt. I twisted and turned and He slapped me again and again. He gave up on the buttons and tore my top open.

'You prick' I screamed.
'I told you it could be easy.' He said.

I lifted my leg but He felt me move it and was ready when I kicked out at Him. He had let me go and stepped away from me. I struggled to keep my balance and He took advantage of this, grabbing my hair and pulling a stool out from beneath the counter. He pushed me over it, face down and laid over me. I could hardly breathe. The stool was pressing into my belly. I had to hold onto the legs to keep my balance. His hands snuck up the sides of my skirt and He peeled my panties down, pushing them down with His foot when they got too low. He used His legs to force my legs apart.

'Don't. Please stop.' I begged.

He slid His fingers into the wetness between my legs and I moaned as He pushed two inside me. I felt Him undo His jeans. He painted His cock and my ass in my juices. I was that wet. He pressed His cock against my ass and I held perfectly still. He pushed it slowly, very slowly into me. I burst into tears. He pulled my head back by my hair.

'You want me to stop, bitch?' He asked.
'No.' I gasped.
'Call me Sir.' He demanded. I sobbed. 'Do you want me to stop?' He asked again.
'No Sir.' I managed.
'You like it don't you?'
'Yes Sir.'
'You want to be ass raped.'
'Yes Sir.'
'You really are a slut, aren't you?' His fingers had freed my breasts from my bra.
'Yes Sir.'
'Tell me slut, are you mine?' He pinched my nipples, rolling them between His fingers.
'Yes Sir, I am Yours.'
'Would you do anything to please me?'
'Yes Sir.'
'Would you fuck anyone I want you to?' One of His hands slid to my clitoris and He stroked it while He was mounted on me, fucking my ass.
'Yes Sir.' I gasped again.
'So long as?' He asked.
'As long Sir ...keeps ...fucking'

I came then. I came and kept coming, one orgasm rolling into the next. I swore and I struggled to get away from His insistent fingers and His cock. I could hardly move. He called me names. Filthy, dirty, whorish names that made me come harder. I needed Him to stop and I wanted to keep fucking Him forever. I wanted Him to come.

He growled into my ear.

'Do you want me to come in your ass, whore?' He asked.
'God yes Sir.'
'Then say it, bitch. Tell me.'
'Come in my ass. Please Sir. I want it Sir. I want your come in my ass. Please Sir. Please?'

He grunted and jerked His hips, pushing His cock deeper inside me. He pushed and pushed filling me with hot semen, His cock emptying itself inside me. Mac collapsed against me. The stool pressed hard into my belly. I couldn't get enough air.

'Mac?' I managed to breathe out. He got the message and raised Himself off me, chuckling. He pulled me up off the stool and held me in His arms.

'I missed you so much, baby.' He said. I kissed Him.
'I missed You too.' I said.

I finally got to make tea and He went to have a quick shower. He was sticky from the plane as well as from fucking me and He wanted to cool off a little before we both had a nap together. I took the tea to the bedroom and waited for His shower to finish. My panties were still on the kitchen floor and I had pulled my bra off and left it on the counter. I was still wearing my torn shirt and skirt. I sat on the bed with my legs crossed and watched the door.

He walked in naked, like I knew He would. I smiled at Him. He smiled at me. I handed Him His tea and we discussed my latest crush, (Jason Bourne, thankyou ever so much Mr Ludlum) and while He drank it. He laughed at how animated I can become over a character in a book. I noticed that He was becoming erect. He noticed that I had noticed. I shrugged off my top and slipped out of my skirt.

'I want you to suck my cock.' He said. I put my hand around it, making a circle with my thumb and forefinger and I stroked it.

'You just want me to suck it because I am in love with Jason Bourne.' I said slyly.
'No.' He said. 'It would turn me on if you just wanted to fuck him.'
'So you don't care if I love him, it just bothers you if I want to fuck him?'
'You aren't in love with him. He just caught your attention while I wasn't here.' He shrugged.
'Yeah,' I agreed. 'You are right.' The head of His cock was now glistening with precum.
'Now suck my cock, Sarah.' He said.

I shifted to my knees over His hips and I held His cock delicately and licked the precum from the head. He moaned. I slipped my lips around it and I took Him into my mouth. He groaned. He grabbed my hair and directed my mouth on His cock.

'I want to come in your mouth.' He growled. Then He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me off Him. He twisted me onto my back on the bed and rolled over me, His cock pressed against my pussy. I wrapped my legs around His back. He kissed me.

'You taste like my cock.' He said. 'I need to fuck your cunt.'

He fucked me hard, thrusting into me, pounding me into the bed. I was wet enough for Him to slide easily in and out. He grunted a lot.

'Fuck that feels good.' He said. 'I want to come in your mouth.' He kept fucking my pussy.

'I want to come in your mouth.' He said it again and then, 'I want to come in your mouth,' He said it again. It was like He was reminding Himself.

'I ...want come ...your mouth.' He growled and then He moved up over my chest, one of His knees either side of my breasts. I lifted myself off the bed the best I could and He pulled me onto His cock, thrusting it into my mouth. He moved Himself so that I could lick His balls clean of my juices. He moved Himself again so that His balls were in my mouth. He moved once more and His cock was resting against my lips.

'Jerk it.' He said.

I put my fingers back around His cock and I jerked Him. My tongue snaked out to pry into the slit in His cock and He groaned and told me to stay just like that. He wanted to see His come against my tongue. I could tell He was fighting the urge to thrust into me, into something. He was rocking slightly, needing to be inside me and holding Himself just against my tongue.

His semen spurted into my tongue and Mac swore over and over again as He watched me reach for more. Semen was dripping to my chest. He pushed Himself into my mouth and let me suck the last of His orgasm from Him. He shuddered. I giggled. He shuddered again.

When He was done He sat back on my belly. I lay my head back against the bed.

'I love Your cock.' I said. He shook His head at me.
'You are beautiful.' He said. I giggled at Him again.

He sighed and lay down beside me.

'Now I need a nap.' He said. I laughed and snuggled up to Him. He put His arm around me. I closed my eyes and started to doze. I was ever so close to being asleep.

'I love you, Sarah.' He whispered and I tried to answer but my lips just wouldn't move.

So Mac, just in case You couldn't tell, I love You too.

It's good to have Him home.

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