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Friday, August 27, 2004

I think that I must have looked a little sore yesterday because when He woke, Mac asked if I was ok. I was moving just a tiny bit awkwardly. He admitted that He was a little tender in places too. That made me grin.

He was so very gentle with me as our morning slipped into it's routine. He may not be the epitome of romance, but He has an instinctive need to take care of me. He was making sure that I felt no guilt over the wanton way I acted and He wanted me to know that with as rough as it got, I am still His precious girl. Sometimes I do forget, but yesterday I knew it with every fibre of my being.

When He was ready to leave for the office He embraced me at the door and kissed me slowly and deeply, leaving me breathless and wanting more.

'God Sarah,' He whispered, 'just being this close to you makes my cock throb.'

My hands went immediately to the front of His pants and I smiled up at Him mischievously. He shook His head and looked at His watch.

'I only have minutes.' He said. I shrugged.
'This wont take me long.' I sank to my knees on the floor and let my robe fall from my shoulders.

He reached down and cupped my chin so that I was looking up into His eyes.

'Just jerk me,' He said. 'I want to come over your tits.'

So I watched up close as my fingers stroked His cock. I spat into my hand to make it slick. He grunted each time my thumb slid over the head at the end of each stroke and I really couldn't help it, I had to taste. I reached for His cock with my tongue.

'Just lick it,' He groaned. 'Don't take it in Your mouth.'

Like a good girl I did as I was told. I just licked across the head as I continued to stroke Him, jerking Him against my tongue while I massaged His balls. He came, grunting as He watched His semen spurting onto my neck and breasts. He slumped while standing before me. I giggled. He smiled at me and drawing a deep breath He looked at His watch.

'Bugger,' He exhaled and held a hand out to help me off the floor. 'I have to go or I am going to be late.'
'Well,' I said trying to kiss Him goodbye without getting any semen on Him, 'Thankyou for giving me a few minutes of Your time.' I was smiling very smugly at Him. He laughed.
'You truly are the most gorgeous girl.' He said, and then He was gone.

Mick asked in comments how we manage to keep so much passion alive and to be honest we are not entirely sure. Mac tells me it is my fault, because I use sex to express the way I feel and I say it is His fault because His sexual appetite is so huge. Mac says that He has never been so sexually selfish with anyone as He is with me and I have to say that I have never been quite so driven to please. I have never felt as safe as I do with Mac. I can be much more open with my sexuality and know that He wont pass judgement on me.

We both admit that neither of us has kept this level of passion alive in any relationship we have been in before.

Neither of us is about to complain.

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