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Saturday, August 07, 2004

I was sitting in my room finishing off some stuff when Mac called to me. I went to our bedroom. He was lying on His back staring at the ceiling. He didn't look happy. I knew that there was going to be bad news. I had figured there was a reason that He had come home.

'Hey babe,' He said. 'Come here and kiss me.'

My apprehension grew. He saw it in my eyes.

'I have to go.' He said.

I knew what He meant. We had discussed the possibility of this happening. Neither of us wanted it, but they need Him over there to present an assessment of the damage and this is His project, His baby and it makes sense for Him to go. I asked when and He told me He only had hours before the plane left. He had to leave me pretty much straight away. I tried not to look upset. I didn't say that He had just gotten home and now He was going again. I shut my eyes and held Him tight.

'You are a good girl.' He said.

He wasn't sure how long He would be gone. I swore. He laughed at me cursing.

'Well its easier when I can count down the days.' I pouted.

He kissed me.

'I promise to be home as soon as I can.' He said.

We snuggled together for a moment or two.

'Sarah,' He said, 'I want to fuck you, but if I do, I will have to leave straight after. I don't want to fuck and run again.'

I have been having a lot of trouble with this. I can't handle it when He leaves straight after we have sex. I need time to be held and time to relax. I resent Him when He fucks me and leaves. It was happening all the time. It wasn't His fault. I know He didn't plan for it to be that way. Work is in a constant state of urgency and there is little we can do about it.

There was no question of me going too. I have some commitments I need to meet here. We had already discussed this and come to the conclusion that I needed to be here.

We got up and He showered and I repacked His suitcase for a longer stay this time. It took me minutes. I have packing for Him down to a fine art. I sat on the edge of the bed next to His suitcase and I listened to Him shower. I felt terrible. I felt empty. I had to pull myself together because I didn't want Him to feel bad about having to go. I grabbed the bottle of oil off the bedside table. I knew the reaction Mac would have. I wanted Him to react to it. I know I have issues right now about Him fucking and leaving, but the thought of Him leaving without having pleased Him was too much for me. I would rather know He was pleased. I would rather have Him fuck and leave, than not fuck me at all.

I listened to the noises from the bathroom I poured the oil into my hand and let it warm. I waited until I heard His footsteps in the hallway. I lifted my hand and dripped the oil onto my breasts. Mac walked in. He stopped. He watched as I rubbed the oil in.

'I have to leave, baby. I can't stay afterwards. I don't want to hurt you again.' He said.
'It will hurt me more not to please You before You go.'
'Are you sure Sarah?' He asked.

I pulled the towel from His waist in answer. His semi-awake cock was in front of me. I slid my oil-slippery hands along its length. It was quickly at attention. He pushed me back onto the bed and threw the suitcase onto the floor. He crawled up over my body so that His cock rested between my breasts. He slid His cock between my tits and coated it in oil then He turned and lay over me, His mouth over my pussy. He spread me open with His hands and He sucked on me. He squirmed His cock back between my tits with a little help from me and then He moved again so His cock was in my mouth. I gasped and groaned as His fingers slid inside my pussy, then into my ass. He was fucking me with His fingers while His tongue caressed my clitoris and my whole body tightened and I came while choking on His cock.

He didn't release me, He held me open again and His tongue tried to press into me where His fingers already were.

'I can taste my semen in you.' He groaned. I shuddered and let Him fuck my mouth. My fingers slid to His balls then along the crack of His ass. I pushed a finger deep inside Him and my mouth filled with His semen. I held it there, not swallowing. His cock forced it to spill over my lips when He pushed it into my mouth again and again.

When He had finished, He turned to move up beside me. He saw my come covered face and neck and He groaned. He realised I was still holding some of His semen in my mouth and He sucked it from me and took it back to my pussy. He licked my face clean and took it to my pussy too. He tried to force His semen into me with His tongue. I held myself open for Him. He moved up beside me again and told me to kneel over Him, over His face and I did.

His come and spit and my juices all dripped to His outstretched tongue. I pushed a finger inside myself to drag more out of me. Mac pulled me down onto Him and I ground myself against His face. I didn't care if He could breath or not, I needed to come again. I did, rubbing myself against His jaw. He threw me off Him immediately.

He growled at me to 'present' and I did, scurrying to my elbows and knees, my ass in the air. He knelt behind me and I smiled to myself when He pressed His cock against my ass. I wriggled and squirmed against Him. He slapped my ass and told me to keep still. I wriggled and squirmed some more until He pushed His cock inside me. I held still, not even daring to breathe while His cock moved slowly inside me, filling me. He leaned over the back of me biting and kissing my shoulders and neck while He rocked His hips into me. His cock felt huge. I begged Him to come inside me and He promised me He would, but He wanted me to come again first. He pressed two of His fingers against my clitoris, leaving His weight on me and on one of His arms and still He held me up when I came.

'Good girl,' He crooned. 'My good girl.' I turned my head to kiss Him and He came. I tried to stay still because I wanted to feel His semen inside me. I wanted to feel its heat. Mac collapsed against me, pushing me into the bed beneath Him. I tried to turn to kiss Him. He moved off me so that I was beside Him. We kissed and my hands reached for His cock.

'I can't come again.' He said. I didn't care. I stroked Him, softly at first, then more insistently. I rubbed the head of His cock against the very start of my pussy. We kissed. We kissed a lot. He bit my lip and He came again. He grunted and growled and His body tensed for a long time but I doubt He emptied more than a thimble full onto me. I giggled at the tiny amount and He groaned.

'Enough!' He said. 'Just kiss me now.' I kissed Him gently. I knew He had to go. So did He. He looked at the time and He jumped out of the bed. He tossed on the clothes I had left out. He ran from room to room, grabbing papers and other things He had to take and shoving them into one of the bags. I watched Him with a mixture of amusement and sadness. I really wished He didn't have to go. He came back into the bedroom.

'Right. That's everything.' He said. He looked at me watching Him from the bed and He stopped and let the world slow down. 'I hate leaving you like this. I know we haven't had much time together and everything has been so rushed and busy. I don't know when its going to stop.'

I reached for His hand and He gave it to me.

'It's ok. I am fine.' I lied. He smiled at me.
'My big brave girl,' He said. He leaned over and kissed my cheek.
'Have a good trip Babe. Look after You for us.' I said.
'I promise.' He said. Then He was gone.

I didn't follow Him to the door because I didn't want Him to see the tears. I had held them at bay as long as I could. The last time He saw me, it was smiling. I wanted it that way.

Emma came over last night. I have a feeling Mac suggested it to her. We didn't make love. It was enough just to have her body close to mine while we slept. I hope she stays the whole weekend. I like being around her. I can't feel alone when she is here.

In fact, right now, I feel very loved.

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