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Friday, August 20, 2004

Last night Mac came home at some ungodly hour. I was still awake but only just and I was lying in bed having just put down Jason Bourne and closed my eyes. Mac sort of collapsed on the bed beside me, fully clothed. I looked at Him through very sleepy eyes.

'I am completely bushed,' He said. 'And I haven't eaten since breakfast so I am starving as well. Don't try and keep me here.'

I hadn't moved other than to open my eyes. I had not even attempted to seduce Him. I was almost sleeping.

'I made cupcakes.' I said.
'I don't like cupcakes. I had a cupcake when I was little and sick with measles or something and it turned me off cupcakes.' He said.
'But it wasn't one of MY cupcakes.'
'No, it was a store bought cupcake.'
'Well what do You expect?' I shrugged.
'I would still prefer a cheese sandwich.' He shrugged.
'Cheese and butter is in the fridge, bread is in the cupboard, and knives are in the top drawer.' I said.
'Smartass.' He said. I smiled. 'God, my cock is pulsing now damn it.'
'I didn't do it,' I said defensively.
'Did' He said and wriggled His way off the bed sighing. 'Anyways, lucky for you I need food and drink first. Sex would be next though.'
'I will be asleep.' I stated.
'Oh yeah, that will stop me.' He said. I laughed. He leaned over me and kissed me softly.

I asked if I could have the leather cuffs on, because sometimes, it makes me feel more at peace to be restrained, even if I am just sleeping. He asked if I was ok and I told Him I was, I just needed some help to get some rest. He put the cuffs on me and linked them together. I wrapped my arms around my pillow and snuggled into the bed. He kissed me softly again and told me that He had a few things to do after He had eaten and that I shouldn't try and stay awake. I don't think I could have even if He wanted me to. I had started to drift off as soon as the cuffs were linked.

I don't know how much later it was when I woke to find His hand tangled in my hair pulling my head back. I was lying on my side, the same position I had fallen asleep in. He was spooned into me from behind. I could feel the hardness of His cock and I curled my legs up into my chest, pushing my ass back towards Him. He didn't need more of an invitation than that.

He fucked me hard and fast. Neither of us spoke. His body was curled around mine. His hand stayed in my hair, pulling my head back while He rocked His hips into me. I whimpered when He came. His semen spurted inside me then He withdrew and continued to jerk Himself over my ass. His come felt hot against my skin. He released my hair and I turned my head looking for His mouth and He covered my lips with His.

'Sleep little one.' He whispered and I turned away from Him and snuggled back into my pillow, my cuffs still in place, His arm around me keeping me safe. I could feel trickles of His semen running across my ass. I slept more peacefully than I have in such a long time and I woke an hour later than I usually do.

Mac was still sleeping and I took my time kissing Him and nuzzling into His neck until He woke. He groaned and grumbled about me waking Him even though He knew it was time for Him to wake. I told Him that at least I woke Him for an unselfish reason, unlike He-who-had-awaken-me-just-so-He-could-come.

'That was for an unselfish reason!' He said in His most offended voice.
'What was unselfish about waking me so that You could come all over my ass? I asked.
'Well,' He said, 'you looked so beautiful lying there, so peaceful and content and I thought that the only thing that would possibly make it better for you would be if you had my come hot over your ass. So, I fucked you so that you could be even more at peace while you slept. See, it was totally unselfish of me.' He nodded.
'Uh-huh.' I said.
'It WAS!' He said.
'Uh-huh.' I said again.
'Are you complaining?' He asked.
'Nah, I kind of liked it.' I blushed and snuggled into His neck. He kissed my forehead.
'I have to get up now before you make me be unselfish again.' He said. I giggled and He sighed and climbed out of bed.
'Sarah, you are so completely fuckable.' He said and He sighed again as He made His way to the shower.

I don't believe that Mac was doing it just for me. Mac is a see it, want it, take it type of guy, but it did make me feel all warm and tingly and I did sleep ever so deeply so I don't mind it when He is selfish like that.

I wouldn't mind if He were to do it again.

I can be unselfish too.

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