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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

On this day two years ago I stood before You as a frightened little girl.

'Offer me your breasts' You said in a place that felt so public that I shivered at the thought. I did it, because already, everything I was belonged to You.

'They are Yours.' I said and for the first time You acknowledged it to be true. I remember the tears. I remember the relief. I remember the cool breeze playing across my breasts. I remember how Your arms felt around me and Your lips felt on mine. I had felt these things before. We had kissed and You had held me before, but this time it was so different. This time instead of the rush of noise, the sounds of doubt, this time, for the first time, we both knew.

I remember the first few weeks, how tentative I was with You. I was waiting for You to realise that You had made a mistake. I offered You the opportunity to back out gracefully, to leave me without damaging our friendship, but You didn't want to go. You smiled at my attempts to allow You to leave and You hung on to me tightly and told me that You would always hold my hand. I remember the day I whispered to the only other person that knew about us that I may not have You for a long time, but while I had You I would love You fiercely and enjoy You immensely and I stopped offering You an easy out and loved You with everything I had.

Everything that has passed between us since came from the acceptance that we shared. "They are Yours." I am Yours. It was always meant to be that way.

I know some people will say that two years is not a long time and they are right. For me it has passed in almost a blink of an eye and yet I have learnt so much about myself that I remember that frightened girl with fondness, but I am not sure who she is anymore. We have changed and we have grown, we have discovered new ways to be the best for each other that we know how to be and I know that we will keep on learning more. We will grow more and we will love more and we will make our home together the place that we want it to be.

I will always be Your lady in the parlour, Your angel in the nursery, Your whiz in the kitchen and Your whore in the bedroom. I will be the woman that gives You all when she kneels by Your side because that is who I am meant to be.

Happy Anniversary Baby.

Thankyou for the last two years.

I have a feeling there will be many more.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:00 am

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