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Monday, August 23, 2004

She removed her top and took her position, kneeling across His lap on the couch. She kissed Him and His hands slid up her thighs, pushing up her skirt. His pants were already pulled down, His cock exposed and she pressed her pussy down against Him. His hands snuck around to cup her ass and He ground Himself up into her. She shuddered, her nipples hardening against His chest. He groaned as lips met and tongues entwined. She cupped His face gently. If it weren't for His need pressing into her, she would have gladly stayed like this all day.

'Sarah,' He whispered while she nibbled at His chin, 'God Sarah. I need you so much.'

She heard the desire and knew He had already given in to His lust. She knew that He was lost to it, His body already throbbing in anticipation of the pleasure she could bring. She smiled. Her moment was near. She knew it wouldn't take her long.

Her hands reached between them and her fingers touched the hot stickiness of His cock. She realised that it was her juices that caused it to be so. She held Him delicately sliding the head of His cock through her folds as His eyes rolled back and He tried to push His body into hers. She gurgled and cooed, mewling into His neck as He rested His head against the top of the couch. She forced just the very tip of His cock inside her and she tightened her muscles rhythmically in a sucking caress. He grunted and His fingers dug into her thighs. She moved Him out and slid Him along her again, wanting to feel the slit of His cock kiss her clitoris. He grunted again, His lungs filling in gasps and she wanted so desperately to see what she had done. She moved His cock forward and looked down as it pulsed in her hand. He was there, He was coming, right now she was all that mattered to Him in the whole wide world.

His semen spurted over her fingers as she forced Him back inside her. His body thrust upwards to meet hers. She wanted to beat her chest in victory, scream in triumph. She had taken His pleasure. He had come for her. It was her orgasm and nothing could take it away. Instead she kissed Him softly and slowly ran her fingers down His neck. He needed her to be her gentle self.

His body relaxed and He sunk back into the couch. His fingers released her legs and His arms hung heavy by His side. She slid from His lap to her knees on the floor and rested her head against His thigh. She watched as His glistening cock twitched itself into softness and she felt His semen trickle down her thighs. She reached out to touch Him and she jumped when He moved to grip her hand. She looked up to see Him watching her.

'Come here.' He whispered quietly and she did.

He pulled her down into the couch and snuggled Himself half over her. She tried so very hard to stay awake. She wanted to watch Him and caress Him but it was He who stroked her body and He felt so very warm and heavy that she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I would like to take a moment just to say thankyou to some very special people in my life. Yesterday my counter clicked over 100,000 and I have to say I never thought that so many would want to keep coming back. I was a little awed.

So to Mac, who believed in my ability to write, especially when I doubted myself, thank you. To Bacchus of Eros Blog who sent a lot of traffic my way when I first started out, thank you. To mbl from Moving On who taught me how to muck around with code and helped me get my site looking just the way I wanted it to, thank you. To Amber, kris and wench for being there through thick and thin and allowing me to return the favour, thankyou. To all of those that have commented, to all of you that have found something in my words to which you could relate and to all of those who come here quietly each day just to see what Mac and I are up to, thank you.

This blog, or as Mac would say 'Sarah's beloved blog' has taught me so much about who I am and who we are and why.

Thank you all for coming with me this far. I hope you join me for the rest of the way.

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