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Monday, August 30, 2004

When we walked in the door on Saturday night I knew Mac was on the verge of orgasm and I wasted no time sinking to my knees and unbuttoning my top.

We had been out to dinner and barely able to keep our hands to ourselves, memories of the sex we had before we went out fresh in both our minds. Mac had dragged me into an alcove first chance that we had and I had pulled my top and bra down and fed Him my breasts while frantically peering over His shoulder in case someone came along. His hand was in my panties and I am not sure which of us was moaning but I heard the footsteps before I saw anyone and quickly I turned to face the wall, slipping my breasts back inside my bra and top. Mac covered for me, telling the friend that I was feeling ill and when I turned around I am sure my flushed face helped me play the part. We made our apologies to the host, Sarah's suddenly upset tummy made a perfect excuse. It looked as though I had developed a fever as well.

Mac drove with my hand on His cock and when we arrived home, He ordered me inside. I did what I was told without a word. Then I was on my knees and His semen was spurting into my mouth and dripping from my chin onto my breasts. He tried to withdraw but my hands gripped His ass and held Him still while I gently sucked the last of His orgasm from Him.

It all happened so fast that I felt a little disconcerted and Mac knelt on the floor in front of me and put His arms around me. He kissed my cheek and rocked me gently, murmuring my name over and over again. I snuggled in closer. He kissed a line down from my neck stopping when He got to the top of my breasts, telling me that between them was sticky with His come.

'Do You want to put Your cock there?' I asked Him quietly.
He shook His head.
'I am not ready to let go of you yet.' He said.

We laid down on the floor and His hand snuck into my panties. I shifted so that I was above Him, feeding Him my tits while He stroked between my legs.

'Mmm,' He murmured, 'your knickers are all sticky. Is that you or is it from where I came in your ass before?'

He turned me over onto my belly and He moved down between my legs and He sucked on me through my panties while I tried to grip the floor. He peeled my panties down and His tongue slipped between my ass cheeks.

'You are all spermy and slick,' He said.

He caressed my pussy with His fingers as He fucked my ass with His tongue. It didn't take me long to come. He crawled up over my body.

'I need to come too, Sarah. Would you like me to come again in your ass?' He asked.
'God yes.' I whimpered. 'Please Baby, oh please come in my ass.'
'Sarah,' He whispered, 'if you want me to fuck your ass, you know what you have to do.'

I pushed myself up onto my knees and rested against my elbows, offering my ass for Him to fuck. He knelt between my legs and placed the head of His cock between my ass cheeks.

'There is still come oozing from you.' He said.

He pressed the head of His cock against me. He pressed and pressed and pressed until His cock slide inside.

'Oh god' He groaned, 'I want to see that again.

He pulled His cock from inside me and rested it against my ass again. He pressed and pressed until He slid inside once more.

'Oh god' He groaned, 'again.'

And He did it again and again until I was a shuddering, whimpering, rocking mess.

'Do you want me to stop, Sarah?' He teased.
'Don't You dare!' I gasped and He chuckled as He pushed His cock in deep.

He bit my shoulders and my neck. I turned my head and stole His tongue, sucking on it gently while His cock forced His semen into me. We stayed still, both breathing heavily and His cock softened inside me. He withdrew and pulled my panties up and smoothed my skirt down. I turned to my side and He lay down on the floor beside me.

'There,' He said, 'all respectable again.' He looked at me and smiled. 'Well apart from the dishevelled hair and come soaked tits.'

I grinned at Him and He pulled me close and we kissed for such a long time that the kittens grew curious at our silence and came to see what was going on. Strange creatures they are, completely undisturbed by the frantic noises of sex, but bothered by the silences we make.

We both got up off the floor and laughed over the fact that we had acted like two teenagers, so out of control that we had left a dinner with friends to come home and fuck. It had been such an urgent and consuming need that neither one of us tried to fight it.

I love it when it feels like that.

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