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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yesterday Mac suggested I drop by the office for lunch as I was going to be in town. It sounded like a good idea to me. I walked in while He was on the phone and plonked myself down in the seat and rearranged almost everything on His desk while I waited for Him to finish. He hung up the phone and scowled at me and moved everything back to the way it was grumbling something about me being headed for a smack in the mouth. I pointed out that He had already threatened me with that in the blog. He scowled at me some more while I smiled sweetly at Him. I asked if I could have my smack in the mouth now, or if He was going to save it for when He got me home. He said I could have it now if I wanted and I sighed. It is just no fun if He only gives it to me because I want.

'Well,' He said watching me across the desk, 'I personally think that slapping a girl's face should be reserved for when you are holding her hair tight with one hand and forcing her mouth onto your penis with the other.'

I stood and smoothed down my skirt and walked slowly around to His side of the desk. He watched me warily. I sank to my knees in front of His chair and took His hand, placing it in my hair.

'I am ready,' I said.
'Girls are strange creatures,' He said while shaking His head. He looked at me thoughtfully. I was still on my knees. He still had His hand in my hair. 'You know, I can't stop thinking about Saturday night, how you were on your hands and knees and your knickers were damp and clingy and I pulled them down so they still covered your pussy but exposed your ass just enough to get my cock inside you.'

My hands were stroking the bulge of His hardened cock through His trousers.

'Take it out, Sarah.' He said.

I didn't even give thought to the fact that we were in His office. I just did as I was told. I undid His pants and He guided my mouth to His penis. I slipped my lips over the head and let Him push into my throat. He talked to me while I sucked on Him, telling me what a good girl I was and how much He enjoyed me. He told me how much He loved to fuck my ass and how He loved to see me soaked in semen and lucky for us, He kept on eye on the window beside the door.

His hand in my hair suddenly pulled me up and He told me someone was coming. I scurried to my feet and stood there looking awkward by His side as He slid His chair under the desk. We both must have looked as guilty as sin. The girl brought in some paperwork for Him to look over and she talked to Him for a minute about a deal they have going through. I went back to the other seat and waited quietly for her to be gone.

When she left, I found myself on the verge of tears.

'Bugger.' Mac said. 'If she hadn't come in, I would have come within 10 seconds.' Then He looked at me and realised that I was upset. 'Babe. She didn't see anything. It's fine. Don't worry ok?'

'I hate it when You don't come.' I said with my hands covering my face. 'I really hate it.'
'I know you do.' He was watching me closely.
'It's just that I have so much to do this week and finding time along together is so hard and I hate it when we don't get to use the time we have.' I was rambling and I knew it but I couldn't seem to stop.
'Sarah,' Mac said firmly, 'don't worry about it. There's no deadline.'

I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I realised the silliness of the situation. I was upset over not making Him come in an office full of people while He is working. God girl, get a grip.

'I am sorry,' I said. 'I am premenstrual and overloaded with things that have to be done this week.'

'Come here,' He said and He smiled at me as I walked back around the desk to Him. He pulled me into His lap and tucked my head into His chest and He stroked my hair. I told Him He was going to make me cry.

'Doesn't matter.' He said. 'Your man adores you. Everything else is crap.'

And whilst I didn't quite believe this time it is as easy as that, I felt better knowing that He was on my side, even if I am only fighting hormones. We sat there for a while with Mac just gently touching me until I broke the silence that had settled on us.

'I really want Your cock back in my mouth.' I said.
'Christ,' Mac exclaimed. 'Should I lock the door?'

I sank back to my knees and waited while Mac locked the door. He brought His cock back over to me and pushed it back into my mouth. He came quickly. I held my hand beneath my chin to make sure He didn't drip onto my top. He finished and withdrew and I licked my fingers while I looked up at Him. He tucked His cock away.

Smiling at me, He helped me to my feet. He cupped my face between His hands and He kissed me, a long slow deep wet kiss.

'I love you Sarah.' He whispered. 'Let's go get something to eat.'

We had a really lovely lunch.

This was the second time we were almost caught in three days. Its funny because we have never been so close to being caught before. Perhaps we should learn to tone it down and behave ourselves when we are in public.

I somehow doubt we will though.

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