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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A fantasy, as told to Sarah by Mac.
Edited by Sarah for the blog.

A cool breeze swept over her as she stepped back into the alley. She could not believe that she was about to go there again. She couldn't believe that she was acting this way. What would her friends from the parents committee say?

She had only meant to stop off for a drink before going back to the loving husband and children that she adored. She only meant to take a moment from her predictable life to see how other people lived. She had heard whispers about this place, about the alley at the back and how easy the girls that went there were. She wanted to see what a slut looked like. She had always been such a good girl.

She had sat at the bar in her sensible skirt and blouse and comfortable shoes and ordered her sensible drink. She had watched the other patrons, almost children compared to her and she had chastised the 'silly old woman' in her. She saw short skirts and low cut tops and stockinged legs in high heels and she had felt so matronly that she decided to leave. Two men appeared at her side and asked if they could pay for her drink. It had been so long since anyone had bothered, she smiled and accepted, her hand self consciously fixing her hair.

They had been so sweet to her, flirting, buying her more drinks that she knew that she ought to refuse but she was flattered and felt desirable. It was such a nice way to feel. When one of them slipped a hand onto her leg, she had left it there and revelled in its heat. When the other slipped his hand along her cheek she had smiled at him, her eyes almost daring him to steal a kiss. A part of her was shocked at her behaviour, but she silenced its nagging voice with another drink.

She couldn't remember which of them brought up the alley but she knew she had made it clear to both that she was just curious, just wanted to take a peek to see if the rumours were true. They had grinned at her and promised to behave. They wanted to broaden her horizons too.

She had followed them into the alley. They walked to the middle and slipped into a dark place along the wall. She stayed out in the moonlight and each of them watched her as her eyes adjusted to the night. One of the guys pointed and she looked to where he meant and was shocked to see a girl on her knees. There was a man standing in front of the girl, his pants lowered and he had a handful of the girl's hair. The girl's head was moving back and forwards and it was easy to guess what was going on.

The guy's groans were audible now that she knew they were there. She looked up and was shocked again to find the man staring at her as he grunted to the girl on her knees.

'Oh god baby, now, now. Baby I am going to come in your mouth.'

She wanted to look away but she was mesmerized by it all. The girl's growls of hunger, the man's grunts of release and the eyes that bore into her own. Her nipples were aching, her pussy pounding. Her legs were weak with lust. Her tongue snuck out of her mouth to lick her lips and she realised that she was jealous of that girl. She wanted so much to taste.

A movement in the shadow beside her caught her eye and she turned to find one of her companions with his cock in his hand. As she looked into his eyes, he raised his hand to his mouth and spat in it. She watched as he started to stroke himself. She whimpered and her hand reached out to touch. He cooed to her gently, drawing her closer and as her fingers slipped around him, his lips found hers and devoured her with a kiss. She was lost.

Her other hand was guided to another cock and she found it easy to time the jerking of them together. Her mouth was stolen from the first and invaded by another tongue. She grunted and moved closer to him. Then the other stole her back and she moved closer again. One of them lifted her skirt, she didn't care who, and she moved closer still so that the heat of their cocks pressed against her hip and lower belly. They came, just like that, spurting over her panties, hot splashes of semen on her tummy and thigh. She moaned and thrust her pelvis at them slightly, wanting to feel their cocks against her pussy.

The moment passed, their cocks were empty and they stood there in silence watching her. Her legs felt weak and she stumbled. One of the men reached out to steady her and she smiled and thanked him. Her purse lay forgotten on the ground and the other man bent and retrieved it for her. She thanked him too. There seemed so little to say. She turned to make her way back to the bar. They watched her go. She was almost there when he stepped out of the shadows. It was the man she had watched with the girl before. He never spoke, just watched her pass and she blushed with the sudden knowledge that he had witnessed her slutty act.

She made her way into the ladies room and quickly locked herself into a stall. Her fingers found their way into her panties. Her body was aching with the need for release. She scooped the semen from her belly and pushed it up inside her and she collapsed against the wall of the cubicle sobbing as she came. As she sat on the floor and wept, she had pulled her wet panties off her, wanting all the evidence of her act gone. But when she saw them, saw the semen and her own come and felt how wet they were she couldn't help but bring them to her face. Her tongue snaked out and licked at a shiny spot and she knew that she really wanted more. She had folded her panties carefully and placed them in her purse and she had gotten herself back under control.

And now here she was again, at the beginning of the ally, wondering to herself if he was still there. She hoped that he was. She glanced over her shoulder and saw her car parked on the corner of the street. She thought briefly of the safety, the normality inside it. She knew that she should get inside of it and drive away but she wanted to taste the wickedness just once more.

She started to walk down the alleyway.

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