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Sunday, September 19, 2004

I am ovulating. I do it every month. It should be no big deal by now but this month, I have gone quite insane. I am overreacting to every little thing and quietly driving everybody around me nuts. I can't seem to stop it. Mac told me yesterday that I have a 'few roos loose in the top paddock'. (I think the Americans call it being a few fries short of a happy meal.) Everything just feels so big inside me and it comes out in the oddest of ways.

It is not like this every month, thank god, or I would have to lock myself up. I always start to overreact slightly but this month it is worse than normal. It is Mac's fault. He is the one that has decided that He likes it best when I am completely caught up in Him. He loves it when I react to each touch, each smile, every look. I am over emotional because He has filled me with emotions. Now we just have to get through it the best we can.

Yesterday I asked Him to fuck me into a stupor. He shook His head at me and dragged me to the bedroom. He treated me like an object, tossing me about the bed, shoving me into the positions He wanted me in until I became nothing but a wet cunt, a tight ass, oiled tits and a willing mouth. He moved me from my back, onto my belly, to my knees, sitting over Him, my legs hooked around His waist, my ass on His lap. I was shifted about the bed so much that I doubt there was any of the surface left untouched.

I came so many times I lost count and all I could do was whimper at Him. He came twice before He was done. I don't know if what turns Him on so much is my desperation for His come, or if it is the way I smell, but I love it when He gets as caught up in it as me.

We slept for an hour or two, both of us too exhausted to do anything else. When we woke it was time to get ready, we had a dinner that we had to attend. It all felt a little surreal to me, like I was walking through a dream. Mac kept smiling at me and gently prodding me along. If He hadn't I doubt I would have managed getting ready on my own.

Dinner was wonderful, our friends great company and the food delicious but I couldn't take my eyes off Mac. I was so aware of Him I swear I could smell Him when He was on the other side of the room. I wanted Him to touch me. I wanted to touch Him. I wanted His cock inside me again. I needed Him to come for me but I was scared that if He did touch me, I would fall apart. I was barely holding myself together. I was constantly fighting back hot tears and I have no clue why I was so close to breaking down. There was no reason for it.

We were amongst the last to leave. Mac had been so very relaxed that in spite of the anxiety that I was feeling, I had not wanted Him to leave. I hid it from Him very well.

The car was a little way down the street, parked in front of a darkened house. There was little light on the street. Mac pulled me to Him when we got to the car and I found myself pushed up against it as His tongue invaded my mouth. He whispered to me about how He had been watching me, how I had turned Him on with the hunger I had looked at Him with, how hard He had gotten at my obvious need. Even as His tongue slid back into my mouth I had freed His cock from His pants and was stroking it against my belly. He was rock hard.

We stood there kissing, me jerking His cock until His breathing became ragged. He whispered to me to turn around and I did, bending over and bracing myself against the car. He lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down to just below my ass. He pushed His cock between my legs. I parted my legs slightly and reached between them with one hand, pushing His cock up into my pussy. He was not inside me, just sliding along it in little jerks, hitting my clitoris. I slid my fingers along his shaft, over my panties. It wasn't long before He came, the hot wetness soaking through my panties and covering my hand. I pressed His cock harder against my clitoris and I came too.

Mac's arm was wrapped around my waist, making sure I didn't collapse and that was when I lost it. Standing beside the car in the middle of a dark street with my Male's come filling my panties and His arm around me, I started to cry. It wasn't soft gentle tears but huge wracking sobs that left me feeling weak. Mac managed to ascertain that nothing was immediately wrong and somehow manoeuvred me into the car. I got myself under control enough to tell Him that I really had no clue what was wrong then told Him how stupid I was as I cleaned my face the best I could. I felt like a complete idiot losing it like that. I think I apologised to Mac about a dozen times even though He told me that there was nothing to be sorry for. He understood that I didn't mean to do it, that it was out of my control and He didn't feel that I should punish myself for that. When my hormones are so obviously out of balance, He says that expecting me to react normally is like expecting a bald man to grow hair. It isn't going to happen and we just have to take that into consideration when we are out.

So I am ovulating and it should be no big deal, but it is and instead of just fucking me witless Mac has to take care of me as well. He told me when we got home to stop whining and I told Him I could whine if I wanted to.

'Yeah' He said kissing me gently. 'You can and I can give you a smack in the fucking mouth when I want if you do.'
'Ha!' I said snuggling into His chest. 'I would like it too much.'
'I adore you, little smartass.' He whispered.
'Good job you do, or I expect You would smack me in the mouth a lot.' I smiled.
Mac nodded. 'Or sell you.' He said. 'Or both.'
'You think someone would pay You for me?' I asked.
'Hmmmm.' He murmured. 'Depends. You do buff up nicely sometimes.' I started to laugh. 'Catch you at the right moment, appropriate lighting, and we could always lie about your age.'

I told Him if He didn't quit it I would have to bash Him and He laughed and asked if I felt better. I did. He tells me that sometimes I need to remember not to take myself too seriously. It is good for me to laugh.

I wish I didn't have to feel this way though.

Why isn't there some way to lock the insanity inside?

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