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Friday, September 24, 2004

I feel like the walking dead. I feel really bad and the drought has made it into its fourth day and in truth, the last thing I want to do is have sex. I am aching all over and I just want some really good drugs and hot tea and a lot of sleep so I think I shall go back to bed and get it. Below is a little something to tide you all over. It is part fantasy part reality, and all typically Mac and Sarah. There was a time that I thought that any thing we did in front of other people or with other people had to involve pain/humiliation for me to enjoy it. Mac tried His best to make me understand that it all really needed to involve was love. Sometimes, I do understand.

He pulled the girl quietly onto His lap and she melted on to Him easily, sliding her legs either side of His so she was astride Him. Their mouths found each other's as they had thousands of times before. The people around them looked on, some a little embarrassed, but most excited by the obvious display of affection. He gently pushed her back and she sat up straight on His lap. He smiled at her softly and carefully wiped a spot of cum from where it glistened on her cheek. He held out His finger to her and she licked it clean.

'Slut' He called her affectionately. She grinned at Him wickedly. She felt His cock pulse against her stomach and she giggled with delight. She leant back a little further and reached between them to scrape her fingernail over the head of Him. She giggled again as He softly cursed at her and she did it once more. His hands grabbed at her ass and raised her easily, positioning her above His cock. She held her breath in anticipation, her hand holding Him at the very entrance to her self. She looked into His eyes and He pushed her down onto Him. Her breath was drawn out of her in a gasp and her eyes widened in pleasure as she felt herself forced open by the intrusion of His cock. She wrapped her legs around His back and He pulled her onto Him tighter. He held her there, waiting for her to bring His pleasure from Him. She clenched against Him lightly, teasing Him gently. She lent forward and wet His lips with her tongue, easing them apart. She drew back from Him and fed a swollen nipple into His mouth. His teeth closed around it and she cried out and her muscles clenched tightly against Him. He suckled at her, making her nipples swell until they ached. He kissed and licked and sucked and bit until both of her breasts were sore and aching and still she begged Him to hurt her tits more. He controlled His pleasure with each suck He took on her breasts, making her clench to His rhythm and soon she found herself on the edge of orgasm.

'Now?' she asked urgently.

'Not yet' He told her and she shuddered violently as His teeth found her nipple again. She held herself on the verge of coming, the pressure within her being almost unbearable. The tensions inside her making her whimper with each contraction. She knew she would not be able to hold back much longer.

'Now' He demanded hoarsely as He pulled her hair back exposing her neck to His teeth. She felt her skin break and knew that He could taste her blood. She wanted Him to devour her. She wanted Him to tear her apart. Her orgasm exploded from inside her, ballooning out in great waves that spread from her groin right out to her fingers and toes. Her fingernails dug helplessly into His back, tearing at His skin. Her muscles contracted tightly and rhythmically against His cock. He growled, deep and low in His throat. She responded to the sound and her hands moved to hold His face as she snaked her tongue into His mouth. He growled again and she felt His cock spasm inside her. He throbbed and swelled and spilt inside her in great pulses filling her with His semen.

His hands cradled her ass as she rocked gently on Him, making sure that His orgasm was complete. She snuggled her head into His chest, giggling softly when she contracted against Him, making Him draw in His breath. Her hand found it's way between them to play in the mixture of them that leaked from her and she gurgled as she brought up her wet fingers for them both to see. She had a vague awareness that others had witnessed their act of lovemaking but she failed to care.
He wrapped His arms around her and held her gently but securely, almost as if she was a priceless possession. She felt tiny, so small and fragile and welcomed His strength that made her feel safe. He rocked her softly and she felt herself beginning to drift off to sleep. He felt her grow heavier and tucked a hand under her chin, raising her face to His.

'Want to go home?' He asked her quietly.

She smiled at Him then snuggled back into His chest.

He barely heard her whisper.

'I am home,' she said.

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