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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Last night Mac and I sat together quietly on the couch. Mac was watching television and try as I might, I couldn't follow what was going on, I was just too tired. I sat there with my eyes getting heavier and heavier until Mac noticed what was going on with me and told me to go to bed. It was only 8pm. I told Him I didn't want to go. I could see He wasn't tired and I wanted to be near Him.

He told me to come closer to Him and He pulled me over His lap. My butt was on the couch and my legs over His legs. My head was resting against His chest. I could hear His heart beat. I felt very warm and comfortable there and I couldn't help but start to kiss Him. I thought He would get annoyed with me and tell me to stop, but He didn't. He just wrapped His arms around me tighter.

I started to get more adventurous. I ran my tongue along His lips and let it sneak inside His mouth. He parted His lips and let me.

'Baby,' I whispered, 'I can never kiss You enough.'
'Oh babe,' He groaned. 'Kiss me all you want. You are the one person I will allow to do that.' He grabbed my arms. 'Christ Sarah, I am going to come.'

I pushed my hands down into His pants and I quickly exposed His already spurting cock. He gasped when I started to stroke Him and His cock spurted more. He laid His head back against the couch and closed His eyes. I snuggled myself into His chest and listened to His heart race as He shuddered.

'Christ,' He said, 'that was intense.'

I held His cock gently while it continued to pulse. He tucked His hand under my chin and tilted my face up to His.

'That was amazing, Sarah.' He said. Then He shook His head. 'Like a 14 year old boy the first time a girl touches him over his pants.'
'You are easy,' I said grinning up at Him.
'I am,' He smiled. 'Smug little slut.'

I laughed. He kissed the very top of my head.

'You seem very content.' He whispered.
'Of course.' I whispered back. 'My Male has been pleasured by me.'
'No kidding.' He said and I smiled but my mind had already started to drift. Mac sensed it, or saw it or felt it in me and He pulled me closer to Him.

'Sleep baby,' He said. 'You need it. You have been wrung out this week.'

I guess He was right. I did need it. I closed my eyes and listened to His heartbeat and slipped into sleep. I didn't wake until Mac got insistent because He wanted me in His bed. I followed Him around from room to room using autopilot to do things like brush my teeth. I fell into the bed and was asleep.

I woke sometime through the night to find myself lying on belly, my legs were parted and He was stealing into me like a master thief. He kissed my neck and my shoulders and I turned my head so that He knew I was awake. He buried His face into my hair and He whispered my name over and over again. It was agony, the sweetest agony to have Him moving so very slowly and gently inside of me. He was crushing me into the mattress, I could barely breathe and I didn't care.

We stayed like that for hours, or it may have been minutes. I am not sure. When He came, it was me that cried out in pleasure. I was so full of love.

I begged Him to stay inside me while I fell asleep and He must have because I don't remember when He moved off me.

This morning I asked Him how He managed to get inside me and He shrugged.

'I guess you are just a slut in your sleep.' He said. I blushed and tried to smack Him. He ducked out of the way.

So I got to be His girl more thoroughly than I could have possibly asked for and I felt very beautiful and very cherished and very loved. Sometimes I am a very spoilt girl but I shan't complain.

Today we have a party to prepare for and I plan on being slightly hung over tomorrow, so if I don't post, know I had a really good time.

I hope you all have a good weekend too!

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