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Monday, September 06, 2004

Mac is right! It is my birthday and I really did slip it into a conversation or two, because Mac is really bad at remembering dates. I do that with any important dates. My theory is that if I tell Him the week before, He will take a moment or two to decide what He should get me and then if I remind Him the day before, He has time to buy it. I am not silly. If I didn't, I wouldn't get a gift at all. A friend of mine asked me on Friday if it annoyed me that Mac didn't remember such things and truth is, I don't even know if He would remember on His own. I never give Him a chance to. I have a feeling that He wouldn't and I don't see a point in setting Him up to fail. If I think He is going to forget, why would I not tell Him? Just so I could be angry with Him when He does what I expect? To me that is just silly and a good way to ruin a fantastic day because when the day arrives, Mac is always so generous and sweet. I am not going to let the fact that He needs a little reminding get in the way of a wonderful time.

So yes, the party on Saturday night was my birthday party. It was a wonderful night and I was just a tad drunk by the time we had the last of the party stayers asleep. I don't know what time it was but I was hardly awake yesterday and with the way my head felt that was probably the best way to be. There was a moment or two at the party that I am very unlikely to forget and I am going to share it here now.

Once again, if stories of rape bother you, today is a good day to read something else. For the rest of you, I wish I could give you the full impact of what I felt because Mac managed to really blow my mind. Enjoy!

She quietly snuck away from the partygoers. It was getting late (or early) and her head was swimming from the alcohol and the noise. She needed some space, some quiet, some air or she thought perhaps she would start to scream.

She glanced over her shoulder as she ducked between the trees of the orchard. There was no one watching, she was sure. She disappeared into the darkness and felt the relief wash over her. While she knew she should be afraid to be down here on her own, she wasn't. Trees had always been her sanctuary even when she was a little girl. They kept her hidden and safe.

She moved amongst the trees slowly, the cool night air barely touched her skin. The alcohol covered her with its false warmth. She heard a noise, a whisper, a movement of the air behind her and she turned quickly to discover no one was there. Her heart started to race. It was a little darker than she thought it should be. The sounds of the party more subdued. She had come further down than she had meant to and she started quickly to move back towards the light.

A hand came from the darkness behind her and clamped itself over her mouth. She was too surprised to scream anyway. Hot breath was against her neck and another arm around her waist. She wasn't going anywhere. She didn't struggle because she knew it would be her One that had followed her. She smiled to herself at the game. He used his strength and her lack of resistance to push her into the trunk of a tree. She hit it much harder than she thought she should.

'Hey, be careful,' she whispered with a tinge of annoyance in her voice.
'Shut the fuck up, bitch,' came the hissing cold voice from behind her and she froze.

Was it Mac? Was that Him? It didn't really sound like Him? My god what if it was not Him.

His hands dealt with her quickly and efficiently, exuding confidence and arrogance as his fingers pried at her panties. She struggled soundlessly and again the cold voice hissed.

'Don't fucking move, bitch.'

She suppressed the urge to scream. It had to be Him. Who else would it be? Oh god please let it be Him.

Her fear welled up inside her and threatened to spill from her in the vilest of ways. She fought to control the sudden need to throw up. Her mind raced and she clung to the tree, the only solid thing in her life.

He entered her quickly, his hands gripping her waist and pulling her back onto him. Her body shook from the force of each thrust. She sobbed dryly and clenched the tree tighter with her hands. Her head was spinning and her stomach churning. He pressed his cock into her over and over again. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as far as He could. She whimpered like a wounded animal and the sound of her own fear frightened her more.

'Girl,' he growled into her ear, 'you are mine. Understand me, you are mine.'

She came with Him in shattering relief. Her brain registered nothing but her pleasure and His. She choked on the sounds she was making, still fighting her churning stomach. He held onto her until He was done.

She gripped the tree for a while longer still needing it to stay upright. He pulled her panties back up into place then He stood behind her saying nothing, just breathing heavy and she assumed, watching her. When she turned to face Him, He was grinning. She suddenly felt like punching Him hard.

'You Bastard,' she spat. 'You scared me. You could have told me it was You.'
'You knew,' He shrugged. 'Or you would have screamed blue murder and every one would have come to see what was going on.'

She opened her mouth to protest some more but she knew that He was right. She had known He would be the only one to follow her. She had known that it was His voice and especially that they were His hands but she hadn't wanted to admit it to herself. She had enjoyed being frightened, safe, but frightened, like being on a theme park ride. She wanted to be angry with Him so that she didn't have to accept that she had liked being so out of control.

Mac put His hand on her cheek and drew her closer.

'My sweet little Sarah slut,' He whispered and He kissed her ever so softly, she felt her heart melt. 'Now, we have a party to get back to,' He said.

She smiled and relaxed and slipped her hand into His, warm semen already trickling down her thigh.

And when they were back amongst the people He gently bit her on the neck, just enough to leave a mark. His mark. She understood.

She really did belong to Him.

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