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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Mac saying that He should tell Zach's fortune made me think of another time Mac ever so sweetly told another man's fortune for Him. It was long before Mac and I were together. Mac was actually at the party with His girlfriend, whom I got along with really well. I adored her. She and I were good friends.

I was at the party with some other girlfriends. My boyfriend at the time was often going home for weekends because of family commitments. So most of the time, I attended weekend parties on my own but because we were all from the same sort of crowd, everyone knew I had a boyfriend.

One night there was a party and this new guy was there. I had met him the week before somewhere and we had spoken about something insignificant and then he was at a party with my friends. I said hi and I was probably a bit bubbly. You may not believe this but when I have had a drink or two, I get quite giggly and happy. I was not really hanging around one group and this also meant I wasn't really hanging around Mac and His girlfriend. I always respected their relationship, even if I was unconsciously submitting to Mac. I was just bouncing from group to group making my own fun.

So this new guy, Alan, did not know I was friends with Mac and His girlfriend, and he was standing with a group of people that happened to include them when I bounced over and said hi then saw someone else I wanted to talk to and bounced off.

Alan then made a comment along the lines of me not being the brightest spark, but that I was good in bed. I of course had no idea this was being said. Mac said at the time, He wasn't sure that Alan meant me until I came back and said something else and was gone again. That time Alan made some sort of reference to my oral prowess and much chuckling was happening amongst the guys at my expense. Mac was pissed. If it was true or not, He was pissed. Either I was sleeping with this guy and he was making a fool out of me, or I wasn't and he was making a fool out of me anyway and it was all done in a way I wouldn't know about.

I was surprised when Mac suddenly appeared by my side and asked to talk to me. He asked me straight out if I was sleeping with Alan. I got all indignant on Mac. How dare He accuse me of being unfaithful? If I remember it correctly Mac told me to shut up and stop acting like a git and follow Him. I didn't see that I had much choice. He led me back over to where Alan and the chuckling ones were standing and He said to Alan,

'So what was that you were saying about Sarah being good in bed?'

I glared at Alan. Alan stuttered and stammered about not meaning that he had actually had sex with me, just that he thought I would be good in bed. I said something along the lines of it being something he would never find out and the chucklers were now laughing at Alan's plight. Alan stuttered and stammered some more and I told him he was pathetic and walked away.

That was when he really blew it. Alan called me a name that a girl should never be called out of bed. That really pissed Mac off and He took Alan aside and had a quiet word with him. What He said He has never told me other than to say that He told his fortune for him.

Alan apologised for the name he called me as well as for making it seem like he and I had slept together and he did it in front of the people he had made the first comments in front of. When he had finished, Mac asked me if that was good enough and I told Alan that I accepted the apology and Mac told me that I didn't have to ever speak to Alan again if I didn't want too. I never did. Alan didn't stick around our group of friends. I think he felt a little foolish.

Mac was standing with His girlfriend when I thanked Him for both alerting me to the problem, then taking care of it for me. He scowled at me and said that He had one girl to take care of, He didn't need another to be looking after and He scowled even more when His girlfriend and I just kept giggling at Him.

He can't help Himself. He has a streak of protectiveness in Him that He just can't ignore.

Yesterday Mac came home in a mood and I should know better than to take Mac anywhere when He is in a mood, let alone taking Him to my parents for dinner. They wanted to see us because the party had actually been too busy for us to spend much time with them.

Mac was so hyper that I thought I was going to have to tie His hands to His seat. He was in such a good mood that He had us all in stitches about things He had gotten up to when He was a child. He was such a loveable little horror of a kid. (Hasn't changed much really.)

So after dinner we were all sitting around the family room still nattering away and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I came back down the hallway, Mac was making His way up it. I grinned at Him. He grabbed me and lent me against the wall. Just around the corner, on the other side of the wall were my parents and my sister and her kids. He kissed me and in spite of all the protests that came to mind, I kissed Him back.

His fingers brushed over my breasts and my nipples hardened and I think I moaned into His mouth. I know I pulled my leg up and kind of hooked it around His hip. He ground His groin into me. I wanted Him to stop because we shouldn't be doing this while so many people could just walk around the corner and I wanted Him to keep doing it because god it felt good. I think Mac loved that even in my horror that my father might come around the corner, I couldn't push Him away. I wanted Him so badly.

After a while Mac pulled away from me. I let Him go. He whispered that He was just going to the bathroom and I giggled when He said it was going to take Him a little while because now His cock was hard. I told Him He was a bad boy and He grinned at me.

'You adore bad boys more than almost anything on the planet.' He whispered.
'I adore my bad boy more than anything on the planet.' I whispered back.

And Mac teased me later about how much I blushed when I went back in to the family room and sat down. I looked as guilty as sin.

He really is a wicked wicked Man.

I adore Him just as He is.

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