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Friday, September 17, 2004

Part two of a fantasy, as told to Sarah by Mac. (For part one, move down two entries)
Edited by Sarah for the blog.

She only took a few steps in and he stepped out of the shadows and looked at her, the guy that she had watched come with the girl earlier on. Their eyes maintained contact for just a fraction too long. They both knew what was being offered and accepted. She had come to him of her own accord.

He motioned with his head for her to follow and once more she hesitated. Could she really being doing this again? He turned and walked back into the shadows. She knew that if he looked back to check on her she would leave, she could go back to her car and drive away, but he just walked away, assuming she would follow. She did as he expected her too. He stopped when he reached the wall and she stopped too, waiting for him to turn. When he saw her standing so far away, he reached out and pulled her to him by her hair. She came to him without resistance. She wanted to do everything for him.

'Your car,' he growled, 'it's on the corner back there?'
'Yes' she answered, her eyes downcast.
'That's where we will go then.' He nodded at his own decision, making it final.
'No!' she gasped. 'We can't. It's my husbands car.'

His hand fell hard against her cheek. Her hand came up to cover the heat of the mark he left behind. The muscles in her pussy contracted.

'I said, that is where we will go.' The tone of his voice left no room for discussion.

She bowed her head and took his hand, leading him back out of the alley, to her husband's car. Her hand slipped past her wet panties in her purse as she dug around for the keys. Her muscles contracted again. She opened the driver's door and angled herself to slide in behind the wheel.

'No.' He said. 'Get in the back.'
'Oh god, not here.' She said looking around at the streetlights and the visible entrance to the bar.
'Yes.' He said simply. 'Here.'
She hesitated just a moment more before she opened the back door and climbed into the car.

In the back of the car he was not gentle with her. Her blouse was torn in his hurried effort to free her breasts. He forced her bra down and bit at her tits. His beard regrowth was rough and his jaw hard and he grazed it across her delicate skin. His hands pushed her legs apart, his fingers bruising her thighs and she was captured by him, enraptured in the moment. She wanted to rut with this male, to have his cock inside her. She wanted to gorge on this lust and feed on its desire. It was all she could do not to scream out in primal need.

She came when he entered her and again as he pounded his cock into her. He didn't bother with kissing her lips, but instead he bit her chin, her cheek and her neck. She knew that some would leave a mark but she didn't care. His cock was hers. It was in her body. That was the only thing that mattered to her now. She pushed up against his cock, trying to drive it deeper and she kissed him wherever she could, his shoulders, his chin, his neck. She tasted his skin on her tongue and she came again and again.

His body grew rigid and his grunts changed to growls and groans as his cock spurted inside her. She felt him ejaculating into her and for a moment her world was complete. Then fear gripped her mind with the sudden realisation that he would leave her now. She realised that she would never have him again and she felt weak. She had never had this before. All her life it had been gentle loving consideration. She never knew that it could be so damn hard and full of passionate lust and domination. She never knew it could be this way and now she knew she didn't want anything else. She never wanted to be fucked any other way.

He laid his head against her shoulder, breathing hard. She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead, trying hard not to move so that his penis would not slip out. He raised himself up onto his elbows and looked down at her.

'I was rough with you.' He said in a gruff voice. 'I am sorry.'
'Please, don't be,' she whispered softly. 'I loved it. I have never had it like that.'
He grunted in reply. She lowered her eyes, unable to look at him.
'May I do something, please?' she asked tentatively.
'May I lick you clean? Please?'

And she found herself on her knees on the back seat of her husband's car. Her come-soaked panties were in her purse, her bruised and bitten tits still bare. A man was sitting before her, his cock in her hand, a man she had only met some 15 minutes before, his semen already oozing down her thigh. She smiled to herself as she licked his testicle and his penis pulsed. She knew that he might, just might, fuck her again.

Nothing could have pleased her more.

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