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Saturday, September 25, 2004

When Mac was at university He lived in shared accommodation with both men and women. This apparently led to late night discussions on sex. (Not sure how that worked, but Mac assures me this is normal.)

From these late night discussions, Mac came to the following conclusions:

For vaginal sex, size doesn't matter, as long as it touches the sides.
For anal sex, a smaller penis is more comfortable.
For oral sex, she wants it big and a lot of semen.
For a hand job, it is the same as oral sex. Results are important.

One day a while back, Mac presented me with His findings and asked me if they were true for me. I gave it some thought.

I agree with the vaginal sex, the oral sex, and the hand job. I do like a big result. But for anal sex, while I agree a smaller penis is more comfortable, I don't always want to be comfortable. Sometimes it feels good for it to hurt a little and it feels good to be over full.

Now of course a penis can't be large for oral then shrink for anal. Man has not evolved that way. This means that we have to have either one or the other or even an average sized penis. So which sort of penis would you prefer?

For me, it's a rather simple answer. I would prefer a penis that belongs to someone I can respect and trust. I would prefer it to belong to my Male. As much as I joke around that size does matter, it really doesn't. I don't need a penis to make me come. I need a Male for that. I would say that by far the biggest and most responsive sexual organ in my body is my brain and Mac doesn't just physically fuck me, He constantly fucks my mind. That is so much more important than size.

But maybe that's just me.

(Disclaimer: I am still sick and very tired. All I want to do is feel sorry for myself and sleep. I think it comes across in my writing. I am sorry but I just don't have the energy.)

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