Kneeling before Him...



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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Darkness. The whisper of a sheet. A whimper of need. Hands exploring bumps and curves, fingers spreading, entering, seeking resistance in their path. Teeth clenched, a nipple pulled taut, the gasping of a breath. A pulse races, thudding through the ears like a drummer on speed, clashing, crashing, crushing out all thoughts. Words unable to form escape in mewls. An unexpected tongue prying open willing lips. Nothing barred, everything opened, given as a gift, yet everything taken.

His way.

Legs part, waiting, expectant of hips to wrap around. Weight accepted, a body pressed into the mattress, an entry of a harder, deeper kind. Lips, teeth, tongues coming together in desperation as mewls turn to moans change to growls. Two straining beautifully to become one. Sheets grasped in clenched fingers, perspiration licked from an upper lip. A name called, an affirmation to a higher being.

His right.

A sharp slap, a moan of silence and everything crashes down. Her pleasure in Him, His pleasure in her, all tangled into one again. Entwined. Whispers invading a mind, stealing a soul, possession taken where it was never lost. A win without a battle, the victory some how sweeter for the ease with which it was gained.


Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:00 am

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