Kneeling before Him...



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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

He grabbed her hair and pulled her to her knees.

'What did you say?' He asked in His softest, most threatening of voices.
She looked up at Him judging His displeasure.
'I said no,' she answered and tried to twist away.

He held her fast and slapped her lightly, almost playfully, making a mockery of her attempts to escape.

'Girl,' He hissed, 'I told you to suck my cock. This is no time for a tantrum. I will not play your silly games.
'I am not playing,' she hissed back. 'I said no and I mean it this time.'

His hand came out of nowhere and landed on her cheek. The playfulness was gone. It came back and struck the other side of her face. She had to stifle a scream. He grinned wickedly at her look of shock. She wasn't sure which was now hotter, the handprints on her cheeks or the moisture running freely from inside.

'Are you telling me that you do not wish to please me? That the pleasure of your male is not something that you crave? Because girl, when you say no to me, you had better mean it or I may chose not to demand it of you again.' His voice was cool and calculating, weighing her resolve against His.

And she almost despised Him and herself for the thoughts that sprung into her mind, thoughts of His pleasure, of His semen falling silently onto her tits, of the satisfaction that it would fill her with. She almost hated Him for knowing her so well, for being able to read her mind and for the smug little smile on His face.

Her hands reached for His jeans so that she could free His cock but He deftly pushed her hands away.

'I think that you should ask for it now girl, don't you?' He asked and she felt tears of shame start to well.

She bowed her head and almost against her will the words spilt from her lips.

'Please Sir, may I suck your cock?' She waited for His derision, for His smug laughter of victory. She waited for His arrogance to show.

'Sarah,' He whispered and much to her surprise, His voice was filled with love. 'You have absolutely no idea just how beautiful to me you are.' He knelt in front of her and took her in His arms.

This was just a fantasy, some thoughts on His homecoming. He isn't here yet so I don't know how it will be. I know I am tense, waiting and wondering. I seem to fluctuate between being teary that He is coming and being teary that He has been away so long without a word and one moment I just want to kiss His lips and then the next I want to tell Him to get stuffed. I want Him to use me but I want Him to hold me and I am just counting on Him to know what is the right thing to do. I just keep thinking that He has to come home today because this is as long as He said it would be and it has been long enough, thankyou.

I think now I need to go and make myself busy to keep the day from passing slowly while I wait.

I have a feeling though that every hour will feel like two. Good job I have been slacking off the last few days, I seem to have a lot to do.

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