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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

He is home. He arrived home this morning just as I was getting ready to leave. I had my niece stay with me over night as she had asked if I would drive her to a special sports day today. Three of my sister's children needed to be in different places at once and I like that she knows she can call on me.

I heard Him as I was getting dressed and I sort of froze. I had to listen really carefully because I thought maybe I had heard wrong. But it was Mac and He was home and He appeared in the doorway. All I could think to say was 'hi there.'

Mac chuckled and said 'hi there' back to me and held out His hand to be shaken. I took His hand and kissed His cheek and He put His arms around me. He told me a joke, a horrid joke and when I screwed up my nose He told me another and then another. I told Him to stop and He nodded in agreement and I told Him that He should always do as He is told because I like it when He does.

'You do not.' He said. 'You hate it. You like it when I do what I want to do and what I would really like to do right now is kiss you.'

That shut us both up for a while.

He kissed my lips and my eyes and my neck. I lifted my top and bared my breasts and He kissed those too. He asked me if I still belonged to Him and I told Him that I did then I told Him that my niece was in the house too. Mac had talked to her downstairs before coming up and He knew I had to take her to the sports day soon and so He held me and we kissed some more.

He said that He would have something to eat while I was gone and I held on to Him and told Him I needed Him to come inside me. He leant against the wall and pulled my groin onto His and we whispered about the wicked things we both wanted to do between sucking on each other's tongues. There were more affirmations of ownership and possession and adoration and love.

When He finally let me go I was weak with love and lust and I could hardly walk with need. He smiled at my unsteadiness and all I wanted to do was stare at Him. He said that He needed to eat before He faded away and I leant over and kissed Him once more. He shook His head and added 'or before my cock explodes' and I grinned wickedly at Him and kissed Him once more.

I grabbed my wallet and my keys and walked to the door before He called out my name and I turned back to look at Him.

'However much you missed me, you were as missed, as loved and as lusted.' He said.
'Thank you' I whispered and I started to cry. 'I need You MacBroden.' I put my arms around Him and held on to Him for just a little bit longer.

When I bounced down the stairs my niece was waiting for me and she was grinning at my grin and she never stopped chattering all the way to the sports ground. And in the middle of all the gossip about all the things that are going on in her life stopped and looked at me.

'I like it when Mac is home.' She said. 'Your house is not so big when he is there. He sort of fills it up.'

I had to agree with her. He does.

When we got to the sports ground I took her to the leaders and had her marked in for the day. Then she surprised me by kissing my cheek and asking if I would come and see her final race. She sucked me in. I will be there this afternoon. I remember how important it was to have someone there.

I came home and Mac was sitting on the couch almost asleep watching television. It was hopeless even thinking about making it to the bedroom. I made Him come inside me, deep and hard and I gurgled and cooed, soothing Him while He shuddered in my arms.

He is on the couch sleeping even though He denied being asleep when I woke Him and asked if He wanted to go to bed. I will go and wake Him now for lunch. He is going to come with me to see our niece run this afternoon. He remembers how special it was to have people come and watch too and I know that she will love that He is there. So will I.

I am leaking His semen and for whatever reason, it makes my world right again. It is the way that it should be for me.

I need Him. I can't help it. I do.

I love Him so much.

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