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Saturday, October 30, 2004

I have to be quick. I am actually running out of time. Because I didn't want to miss a day of our holiday, I booked an early flight. It made sense at the time, but now I am wondering what I was thinking. I have to have everything washed dried, packed and ready to go today! And I have nothing ready!

Mac says that I panic too much. He will pack at 10 pm tonight and if something that He wants isn't clean, He will just take something else. He says that I will pack way too much for a girl who is going to run around in swimmers most of the time. He just doesn't understand that I need that blouse and I need those sandals and I you never know, that dress might come in handy too. He thinks that two pairs of swimmers are excessive. He will wear His every day and rinse them out at night and for Him that is fine, but I am a girl, I need to have different looks. I have a skirt that matches one pair and shorts to match the other and they all mix up together and Mac says that He will not wait around for me to decide how to wear the same clothes differently each day, but that's ok, I will work it out the night before.

In truth, normally, I wouldn't bother, but my sister has never been on holiday like the one we are going on so she is living vicariously through me and insisted on taking me shopping and I kind of fell in love with the things we bought. She has always had the knack of putting things together, where as I look like I have fallen into a pile of clothes unless she has helped me pick them out. So I think if I over pack I will blame her.

Last night I was standing at the kitchen sink and Mac snuck up behind me and kissed me on the side of my neck. My toes curled and my body shivered and I leaned back against Him for some more. What followed was not rough and it was not dirty, it was just two people making love on the kitchen floor.

When we were finished and Mac was lying next to me and I was looking at the ceiling and feeling the hardness of the floor against my back, I turned to Him.

'Mac?' I whispered.
'Yeah? He said.'
'Do You realise we have a perfectly serviceable bed?'
He laughed.

I remember when we moved here, I was worried about leaving all the memories from the apartment behind. Someone said to me then, think of all the new memories you can make. I can sit here now, seven months later and smile as I think of a memory in every room, three or four in most.

A minute or so passed in comfortable silence, each of us thinking our own thoughts. Mac shifted a little. I looked at Him.

'I think that even when we have grandchildren, there will be times that I will need you so badly that the bed will be too far away.' He said.

Yes I did get all teary. Sometimes my arrogant, unromantic, rugby playing, welsh Male bastard says the most wonderful things.

Ok I have a dozen things to do. I am relying on you all to take care with and of each other, and don't forget about me because I will be back soon. I will miss you all, even those of you that I don't know. It's nice sharing time with you.

Take care,

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