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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I wanted to play. Mac had work to do. I pouted. He ignored me. I was not in the mood to be ignored. I went to the bedroom and He went to His study. I got dressed while He got stuck into work.

I appeared in His doorway a good 30 minutes later. I had taken my time with my preparations. I wanted to make sure that I looked good.

Mac glanced at me, then turned back to look again. I knew I looked like a two bit whore. I had on black high heels, stockings and a very short black silk robe. My lips were painted bright red and my hair was an ordered tangle of curls. He smiled at me and I knew instantly it hadn't worked. Mac was about to be sweet and send me on my way. I quickly opened my robe and showed off my breasts. The nipples were painted bright red too.

I have no clue why this works for Mac. Like most things that turn Him on I just accept it and make use of it when I can. His mouth had been open to tell me to go away and although it hung open for a moment or two longer than it should have, He never said a word. His eyes told me to come to Him.

I tried to be casual and slink over to Him. I didn't want to seem too eager (not that He could tell by the way I had dressed). I let the robe slip from my shoulders to my elbows but Mac told me not to take it off so I pulled it up around my shoulders again.

When I got to Him He told me to feed Him my tits and I did, holding the first to His mouth and using the nipple to separate His lips. He bit me then, just hard enough for the heat between my legs to spread. When He released me I gave Him the other breast. He did the same to it.

He was going to be rough with me. I knew it was going to hurt before He was through and I wanted it to. I wanted to be His whore and exist just to please Him. He seemed to want that now too.

He pushed me to the desk and made me bend over it. He lifted my robe so that my ass and the back of my legs were on display. His fingers pressed into me hard only to be quickly replaced by His cock. I grunted.

'Look at you,' He hissed. 'You dirty little cunt. You come in here dressed up like a whore just so you can get some cock. You slut yourself for a prick and you grunt when it is given to you. That makes you a cheap whore Sarah. A dirty cheap whore.' He punctuated each sentence with a rough thrust of His cock.

His words excited me and chilled me. I was His pleasure and I was nothing. I was the reason His cock pulsed and I was dirt. I was humiliated and I wanted more.

'It wouldn't matter, would it Sarah, if it was my cock or someone else's. You don't care whose cock it is as long as you get fucked. It could be a total stranger and as long as it filled you, you wouldn't care. You just want a big cock inside you, don't you cunt?'

I wanted to tell Him no, that His was the only cock I wanted, that His was the only that could fill me, that I wanted no one else. I opened my mouth.

'Oh god,' I said. I don't care, just fuck me, fill me, please?'

He withdrew from me then and I whimpered and begged Him for His cock. He pulled me off the desk by tugging on my hair and turned me around to face Him before lifting me so I was sitting on the edge. My legs were forced apart by His hips and He pushed His cock inside me again. He used my hair to pull my head back and He let His saliva dribble into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue to catch it as it fell.

'Dirty cunt.' He hissed. 'You want me to spit on you, dirty little bitch. You are a filthy little whore, aren't you Sarah. Filthy dirty little whore. Tell me what you are.'

I wanted to tell Him I was a good girl. I really wanted to say it. It is what I always strive to be after all. I was going to come. There was no way to stop it. I tried to focus on His face, on His eyes. I needed Him to know, to understand who I was.

'Filthy dirty little whore.' I gasped and I dug my fingernails into His arms. I cried while I shuddered. He pulled my head back and spat in my mouth again.

When my orgasm had subsided He withdrew His cock again. He pushed me back on the desk and raised my legs so that my knees were hooked over His elbows. Slowly, ever so slowly, He forced His cock into my ass.

I tried to watch His face as He entered me but it was too hard to focus with all that I could feel. I stared up at the ceiling instead. I felt full and strangely empty, dirty and somehow pure, a whore and His good girl as well. Tears welled up inside me and escaped from my eyes. I felt desperate and content. His cock was the only thing that made sense.

'Slut.' He hissed. 'You like this don't you? Being ass fucked by a thick hard cock turns you on, you dirty bitch. You dirty little fuck whore. I bet you would like another cock as well. Another cock filling your cunt while I fuck your ass. Or one spurting in your mouth? You want that don't you? Dirty cunt.'

He shifted my leg onto His shoulder and kept His cock deep inside me while pushing fingers that smelt like me into my mouth.

'Suck it Sarah. Suck on the cock. Make him come in your mouth, you dirty whore.'

And as my tongue slid between His fingers and teased the tiny little web there, He growled and spurted deep inside my ass. I sucked on His fingers until He was through.

He slid from me as He softened and He sat back in His chair. He was slumped, drained, but in a good way. I jumped down from the desk and flew into His lap and snuggled against Him as tight as I could.

We stayed there for a while. I think I might have dozed while Mac played with my hair. When He roused me I clung to Him tighter and nuzzled into His neck. I didn't want to let go. I needed Him to hold me.

'What's wrong?' He asked me softly.
'Am I a whore? I whispered and hid my face back in His neck.
'Sarah?' He said, trying to pull me out so He could look at me. 'Baby, you are the furthest thing from a whore that I could imagine. You are my good girl, and you are 'my' whore. But really, you are the sweetest thing.' He chuckled softly. 'Look at you. You come in here all dressed up and I didn't want you because you look so slutty. I wanted you because you had tried so hard to get my attention. You had done everything you know I like, just so you could please me. A man would have to be crazy to turn that away.
'But You called me a whore.'
'Uh huh and you should feel how tight your cunt gets each time I say it. A man would have to be crazy not to use that to His advantage as well.'

I looked at Him a moment longer and could see that He was telling me the truth. I snuggled back into His neck. He sighed.

'I have a lot of work to do.' He said.
'I know. I just want to stay here a little bit longer, then I will let you work ok?'
'Nah,' He said. 'I want to come to bed with you. The work will still be here tomorrow.'
I laughed. 'So will I, I hope!'

He pushed me from His lap and I followed Him down the hallway. I almost tripped over Him three times before we made it to the bed. I needed to be close to Him. He told me I was strange but He didn't push me away. I fell asleep with my head pressed against His chest, His heart beating steadily in my ear.

It is strange the way it contents me and I am sure it isn't just about being used. It is in the way I know that He will hold me and love and appreciate me when all the sex is done.

Then again it may just be that my tits are sore.

Whatever it is, I am very content today.

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