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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Last night Emma and I went out with Mac's rugby team and had a ball. They really are bad boys. These are guys that Mac has known for years and isn't worried about at all so it can get pretty outrageous when we flirt. When I got there they were already rather happy. A win and a couple of rounds of drinks had started their evening off well.

They asked what I had done with the Jessica. I told them He was away on business and I was told that He was game letting me out to play with real men while He was away. This kind of ribbing is common amongst them all.

Mac is a Jessica because He is a back. He is also known as a 'big girls blouse' or as a girl. He calls the forwards vegetables or Neanderthals, and tells me its ok to flirt with them because all they can do is grunt. Apparently this kind of talk is bonding for men. I don't get it but it really works for them.

My ego was much stroked and I sucked up the attention. Emma was treated like a princess too. The team are aware of the relationship between Mac, Emma and me, even though it isn't flaunted, and they accept that Emma is Mac's as well. We were not the only girls there, many of the team have wives and girlfriends who know better than to let their guys out alone, but we were the only ones without a male present, so the team made sure that we were well taken care of. They wouldn't let us buy a single drink, (they are going to make Mac shout double rounds next week) and any other guy at the pub that had the balls to approach us were very quickly and effectively snarled away. It was sweet.

I guess you could say that they have a boy code. Any guy caught messing with teammate's girl probably should find himself another place to be. As far as these guys are concerned, Emma and I are Mac's property and are treated how they would want Him to treat their property.

I think it goes back to the fact that most of they guys have been members of the rugby club since they were boys and the club is more like a family. Most of them help out with the juniors and turn up to watch the team play even when they are out for illness or because of a suspension. It really is an important part of their lives.

And I don't know if it was the testosterone or the adrenaline or just the coarseness of the men but Emma and I stopped for a make out session in the bathroom. I couldn't keep my hands to myself. It was rough and it was exciting and I had her up against the wall pushing my soaked fingers in her mouth while we kissed. I still don't know how I managed to hear the door with the blood rushing through my ears. We stood at the sinks and washed our hands and giggled and blushed while we tried to catch our breaths.

It was good for me to be reminded that I am still Mac's. I have missed belonging to Him while He is away. I am still not sure when He will be home, but now it doesn't seem so far away.

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