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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mac and I went to dinner last night with some of the people Mac works with. It was a casually formal thing, no tuxes, but no jeans either. Mac looked rather sexily at ease in His clothes and I went for ladylike and classy and I almost pulled it off. I would have gotten away with it completely except Mac happened to be there with me.

I was sitting across from Him, enjoying the food and the conversation that someone had started about what they would do if they won the lottery. Pretty much everyone had an idea of what sort of dream they would like to fulfil with $50 million. I really couldn't think what I would do with that much money outside of making life a lot more comfortable for those I love, which really is a pretty basic idea. Mac looked at me and I picked up my glass of wine and smiled at Him over the top of it.

'I know what I would do with fifty million dollars.' He said. 'I would be like Robert Redford.'

I thought about The Horse Whisperer, a book Mac had suggested I read, and the movie version Robert Redford had starred in.

'You would retire to a horse stud?' I asked and casually took a sip of wine.
'No.' He said. 'I would go to casinos and offer men a million dollars to let me fuck their wives.'

My wine went down the wrong way and kind of came back out of my mouth again as I coughed and spat it across the table.

Everyone started laughing. I am not sure if it was at me or at Him but He kind of examined His nails, knowing that He was at the centre of it all. I shook my head and He grinned at me and out of everyone there, I was probably the only one that knew it was the truth.

He really would do it. Bastard.

You can bet He will never get a lottery ticket from me.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:53 am

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