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Friday, October 01, 2004

My post today is late, as I had just finished writing something out when Mac woke and called me back to the bedroom. Since Monday we have been very gentle and loving with each other so I was expecting Him to want to snuggle, only snuggling wasn't what He had in mind. He was standing beside the bed, having just got up and He suddenly announced that He couldn't get the image of my tongue swirling around the head of His cock out of His mind. I sort of stopped, mid-step, and stood there, stunned.

'My cock is hard and throbbing,' He said and now that He had pointed it out, I could hardly miss that it was true. 'I think it will be hard for you to get your lips around it.'

More stunned silence from me.

He gave up on the hints at that point and came to me and pushed me to my knees. It kind of hit me then what I was supposed to be doing and although I didn't speak, I found other things to do with my tongue that He seemed to enjoy. He didn't want to fuck my mouth, He just wanted me to lick Him, and kiss Him and make precum/spit bridges from the head of His cock to my tongue. I was rubbing my thighs together until He started to speak to me, then one of my hands snuck down between my legs while the other jerked Him against my tongue and lips. He grabbed my hair as I started to whimper in earnest and He pulled my head back. He told me to open my mouth and hold out my tongue. I did as I was told as I jerked Him against my throat. He spat into my mouth and called me a wicked slut and told me that He loved it when He spits onto my cunt and then He spat into my mouth again. I came.

It surprised Him. He hadn't been aware of the hand I had between my legs. He hadn't expected me to come. I was surprised, I thought He knew I was touching myself and thought He wanted to make me come.

'No,' He said. 'I was just enjoying you.'
'Oh,' I whispered, now blushing quite deeply. 'I am sorry. I thought it was what You wanted.'
He frowned at me. 'Never ever apologise for coming. I love it when you do.'
'Yes Sir.' I answered quietly and I found that I was looking at the floor with both my hands resting in my lap.
'What are you doing Sarah?' He asked softly.

I looked up at Him briefly to see if He was teasing me. He seemed to be genuine in His curiosity.

'I am waiting.' I answered bowing my head again.
'For?' This time I heard the tease in His voice. He knew now.
'You.' I said without looking up.
'You are waiting to see what your male wants and if he wants you at all?'
'Yes Sir.'
'You love that as much as the sex.'
'Yes Sir.'
'It makes your pussy take over, when you are waiting to see what your male wants.'
'Yes Sir.'
'And the only thing you want, the only thing, is to give him what he wants.'
'Yes Sir.' My voice was thick with want and lust.
'Gorgeous girl,' He whispered cupping my chin in His hand. 'Get up on the bed.'

I did as I was told and He positioned Himself between my legs. He spat onto my pussy and told me to rub it in. While I masturbated with His spit He spat on me again, letting it dribble over my fingers and my cunt, then He pushed my hand away and put His mouth over me, pushing into me with His tongue. My fingers twisted into His hair, forcing Him down onto me. I drew my knees up to my chest, trying to open myself up more. He bit at me, marking me with His teeth and causing me to sob and beg for more, holding Him to me tighter, asking for it harder. He found my clitoris and held it between His teeth as He shoved some fingers inside me. I don't know how many but it felt like a lot. (He just said four.) I think I screamed. I don't know what I said or what He did right after that but I came so hard that His hand was dripping with my juices when He put it beside my face.

He forced His cock into me long before I had stopped coming and I was thrashing my head from side to side, trying to tell Him to wait. He got the message and knew I wanted Him to stop.

'I am no where near finished with you yet girl.' He said.

He held my face still while my muscles sucked desperately at His cock. He kissed me softly, coaxing my lips open and invading them with His tongue. I cried into His mouth. He pushed Himself up and spat into my mouth again. Then He moved back further and spat onto my tits. His cock was hot and rigid. It pushed into me over and over again and it felt like all I could do was come. Mac was enjoying me. I had no choice in what He did or what He took. I needed to give to Him.

'Who do your tits belong to girl?' He asked.
'They belong to You.' I gasped.
'Whom does your cunt belong to?'
'My cunt belongs to You.'
'Who owns your ass?'
'My ass is also Yours.'
'And your mouth?'
'Yes, it belongs to You.'
'Do you want to use them all to please my cock?'
'Yes, oh god, yes.'
'Christ. Sarah. I am going to come.'

Although I tried to hold onto Him, Mac pulled Himself off the bed and dragged me to the floor. I took His cock into my mouth but He pulled my head back again and spat into my mouth, then spat onto my tits before letting me take Him in my mouth again. I slid my tongue out to press against Him and swirled it around the head of His cock, knowing that was what He wanted. I used both my hands to slide along the shaft of His cock. He came over my tongue and over my fingers and I let it drip from my mouth onto my tits. I don't give a stuff what they say about spoonfuls, I swear sometimes it feels like He comes at least half a cup.

He was drained in more ways than one and He pulled me up and dragged me over to the bed to collapse with Him. He told me a story about work that made me giggle. He often thinks I need to laugh after the sex has been intense. He held me close and told me that I was loved. I kissed Him for a little while and He lie there quietly and let me. He said He had better get up and start the day because there had been enough of pleasuring me. I told Him I would be quite happy to have no more pleasuring so long as I could lie with Him and talk. He said so would He as long as I kept kissing Him.

'I could kiss You for a long time.' I said.
'I could let you kiss me for a long time.' He said.

I smiled and let Him go. He is around here somewhere, doing some important work type stuff. I am sitting in my room yawning because the orgasms have gotten the better of me and I really want to sleep. If I put my head down on the keyboard, I really think I would drift away.

I don't know why, but I needed this. It is like we have reasserted the status quo. He is still in control in spite of the soppy stuff and my smartass mouth that seems to be always in use of late. I will admit that there was a moment, or perhaps two, where I wanted to object. The jump from doing my own thing to being His sex slave seemed like too big a gap for me to bridge. For the first time in such a long time I didn't think I would be able to give Him what He wanted. He wasn't about to let me get away with that.

I don't know if He knew it or not, but I had been thinking about my submission over these past few days and wondering at it's worth to Him and to me. I had been thinking that perhaps it had become too much of a burden on Him. I was wondering if it was too much of a burden on me. I believe that even in my submission there are times I have to stand alone. Mac cannot hold my hand twenty-four hours each day. He will always be there to catch me when I fall, I just wondered if I had fallen once too often of late and needed to take care of things myself. I will post the short story I had written before He called to me this morning. It is just a story that I saw in my mind, but it will show where my thoughts were. I don't think they are there anymore.

She sat up in their bed and pulled the blankets up tight about her neck, shielding her nakedness from this man that had seen so much of her so many times. She didn't feel like being open today. She watched Him move about the room in silence, deftly dealing with buttons and zippers, buckles and laces as He readied Himself for conquering the world, her knight, her commander, her dragon, a man. He seemed to be such a stranger to her today.

He came to her then, full of mirth and strength that she wanted to steal for herself. How dare He have so much when she felt none? She knew He dared because it was His to give or keep as He saw fit. She grew angry that she would have to find some of her own.

She drew in a deep breath and smiled at Him, knowing that He saw through the facade, but would respect her wish not to wear her pain on her sleeve where she kept her heart. He kissed her cheek with dry soft lips and then He was gone leaving no trace of His existence behind.

She heard the ticking of the clock and let it count off minutes before she stirred from the bed. She wanted to make sure that she would not be disturbed. She went to the curtains and spread them open to welcome the glowing morning sun and let it's faded autumn rays bathe her skin. She let it's feeble warmth tickle every part of her, turning and lifting her hair to let it touch the back of her neck and turning again to hold out her breasts to be kissed. She wanted to kneel before this weak new master, but she knew it would be a betrayal; a mockery of everything they had built together and she couldn't bring herself to bend her knees. Besides, that was not finding her strength. She was still trying to cheat.

She sighed deeply and raised her hands above her head to admire her golden naked loveliness. She admitted vainly that the colour looked good against the pink of her nipples. She wet her finger in her mouth and painted one nipple so that it glowed and sparkled as she breathed. She sighed again.

A movement in the garden down near the orchard caught her eye and she strained to make out what it was. As she watched, a kitten disappeared between the trees, obviously in the process of stalking some unsuspecting prey. She wanted to call out and bring the kitten back to her but she knew that she shouldn't. The only way that they would learn their limitations would be by testing them. There were things they needed to learn on their own.

She knew there was a lesson in there for herself too.

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