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Monday, October 25, 2004

On Saturday Mac played rugby and it was all rugby talk in the car on the way home. I really don't understand how Mac plays. He is so allergic to pain and He gets trounced pretty often, even though He does move well. See the thing about rugby (and I know you all have not seen the game so don't know this) is that when you are tackled you must release the ball (preferably behind you so that your team as a better chance of getting it) and the other team can try and get it. If players on both teams are there, a ruck is formed and no one can touch the ball with his hands. This means that as well as getting pounded by huge men they dig at your head and body with their feet. With studded boots on. It really is a brilliant game.

Mac is usually very brave after He has played. He doesn't say much at all about the aches and bruises. Instead He just winces dramatically quite a bit. I have found it best not to make too big a deal out of it. If He is really hurt He will let me know by saying something like 'fuck that hurts' just so I am left in no doubt. Saturday He just winced a lot so I knew it was not too bad.

So it was all rugby talk and things were very casual between us but all that changed in a moment when we got home. He walked inside behind me and shut the door. I started towards the kitchen but Mac had other plans.

'Hey slut.' He said and I stopped. One does not ignore Him when He sounds like that. The words were not a question, but a demand. He didn't need to tell me He wanted my attention. It was all in those two words. I turned to face Him. I already had an idea what He wanted but I also knew there was no point in playing guess, He would tell me very soon.

'Come here. I want to see if your jeans are still wet.' He said.

I went to Him, blushing because I knew if anything they had gotten wetter during the game. Watching Him play seriously turns me on. I don't know why but it does.

He slid His hand between my legs leaving His thumb to rest against my pubis. He tangled His other hand in my hair and pulled my lips to His. It was a crushing kiss, devouring, needing and all I could do was submit to it as His tongue forced it's way into my mouth.

I didn't mean to do it but I pressed down onto His fingers trying to grind them into my pussy. He started to rock me back and forth. I had no panties on so the seam of the jean pressed right into my clitoris, I couldn't do anything but moan. I was gone. He bit my lips and bruised them with His own and I came while standing there.

My knees buckled with the orgasm and that put more pressure on my clitoris, which made my knees buckle more. If Mac had not held me up, I would have collapsed onto the floor. He grinned at my predicament and wouldn't let me pull away from His hand. I gripped His shoulders and whimpered until He moved His fingers away.

'Mmmm,' He murmured. 'You have no idea how badly I need to fuck you right now.'
I patted His obviously rigid cock through His sweat pants.
'I can tell.' I whispered and He smiled.
'Good,' He said, 'get your ass upstairs and get ready for me woman. Be warned though, I intend on using you hard.'

I grinned at Him and raced up the stairs, pulling off my shirt and bra as I went. I kicked my shoes off in the bedroom and peeled off my now very wet jeans. I knelt on the floor near the doorway so that He would see me as He walked in, my hands on my knees, my head bowed, waiting patiently for Him.

It has been a long time since I have knelt and waited for Him and I had forgotten how arousing it is. I knew that He was going to use me. I knew that He was going to fuck me hard. I knew I was going to make Him come and each tick of the clock made my nipples ache a little more. He did not make me wait long, probably two minutes maximum, but I was almost drooling with desire by the time He was there watching me. He told me later that I had looked perfectly at peace. I smiled at this because it really took some effort not to drag Him to the bed and rape Him. I stayed perfectly still.

'God Sarah, you are beautiful.' He whispered.
'What may Your girl do to pleasure You, Sir?' I asked while trying to hide my smile.
'You can get up on the bed to start with.' He said.

I crawled across the bed, making sure He could see everything I wanted Him to see, then I stretched out and rolled onto my back. I brought my knees up and let them fall open thinking correctly that it would get a reaction from Him.

'Christ, you should see how wet you are.' He said while getting rid of the remainder of His clothes.

I touched myself and brought my fingers back up to my mouth to taste.

'Don't.' He ordered so I held them out for Him instead. He climbed over my body and took my fingers into His mouth and sucked them while He entered me. He pushed into me hard and fast, making me grunt and He grinned at me when I did. He didn't stay inside me. He crawled up my body and brought His cock to my mouth.

'Clean it.' He ordered and I did, sucking, kissing and licking until I could taste no more of me. Then He entered me again. This time when He brought His cock to my lips, He ordered me to lick His balls as well. Then He did it again and again. My face was sticky with my come and the semen He had left inside me earlier on.

The fifth or sixth time He didn't pull out. He stayed so deep inside me it almost hurt. He rocked His hips so that His cock was thrust deeper and I wrapped my legs around Him and let the muscles in my pussy do the work. He licked my face, cleaning it the same way that I had cleaned His cock and He came in shuddering spurts, calling my name and filling me with warmth as I held Him tightly in my arms.

We lay on the bed together and for a while Mac was dozing in and out of sleep. I was watching Him. After about 20 minutes or so He roused Himself enough to look at the time and said that we had better get up.

I immediately reached for His cock and stroked it gently.

'What again? Ok if You insist.' I said.
'We have to go, little miss insatiable.' He said somewhat amused at my intentional misunderstanding.

I took His hand and placed it between my legs.

'Feel how hot this is because of You.' I whispered and as His fingers slid inside me He moaned.

'You little witch.' He hissed as He climbed over me again. 'You conniving little witch. You have me completely captivated, you know this, yes?'

I grinned at Him and pulled His face to mine so that I could kiss His lips. I made Him come inside me again then I kissed Him until He fell asleep.

We woke sometime later to the ringing of the phone. It was someone from the team wondering where we were. We showered and got dressed and finally made it to the pub. Someone asked what had kept us and Mac looked at me and shrugged.

'We were busy.' He said and I blushed. Everyone laughed.

I watched Him last night, sitting amongst all those other men. Some were physically bigger and stronger than Him yet He was very subtly dominating them. It was so gentle that He didn't even realise it. He ruled the room without even trying. He accepts it as the way it is supposed to be.

As I watched Him I fell in love with who He is again. I told Him this as we were leaving. He smiled at me.

'Good job,' He said, 'because I am not going to change.' He kissed my lips and took my hand and led me to the car.

I enjoy rugby Saturdays. I really do.

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