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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

She lay on her belly on the bed, her hands tied tightly behind her back. She wriggled and squirmed and she thought she heard a chuckle in His voice.

'You look so delicious when you wiggle your ass like that.'

She shivered as the words flowed over her like silk while His unshaven jaw grazed over the skin on her lower back. She pulled again at the ropes, shifting her body not only for His enjoyment, but also in an effort to be more comfortable beneath Him.

'Mmm,' He murmured. 'Your skin is so soft and smooth. Tell me girl, would you like me to mark it as mine?'
'Yes,' she whimpered with urgency. 'Please mark me as Yours.'
He chuckled at her desperation. His jaw now prickled at her ass.
'Hmmmm...' He hesitated. 'Where should I put my mark, little one?' Shall I place it on you here?' His mouth covered a spot on her bottom and she felt the bruising sucking bite. He didn't keep it up for long. She knew she would barely be marked.

He moved back to admire His work. 'No.' He said. 'Not here, no one will be able to see it. There seems little point in that.'

He pushed her legs apart and positioned Himself between them. His fingers pressed against the lips, opening her for His gaze. She felt the juices gush from her and He painted them all over her pussy.

'God baby, you smell so good.' His fingers, hot and slippery, rested on her ass as He moved His mouth over her thigh.

She felt His teeth press against her skin and she squirmed to get away from them, or to get closer to them, she wasn't sure which. He bit her and she gasped at the suddenness of the pain. Then it was gone, another light mark.

She heard Him chuckle. 'No one would see it there either, I hope.'

She found herself giggling too.

He moved up her body, grazing His two-day-old beard along her back again. He lay over her, capturing her hands between them, pressing His hard cock against her ass.

'I guess,' He whispered, 'that I will have to mark you some where up here.' He lifted her hair and found a place on the back of her neck. He kissed her gently then He sucked on her hard, pulling the blood to the surface before grazing her with His teeth. She bit her lip to stifle her moan. She knew this time she was well and truly marked.

He sat back on His knees between her legs to admire His work once more. She heard Him sigh.

'What's wrong?' she said, her voice full of sudden concern.
'Well, when your hair is down, that mark won't be visible either. It seems you are full of secret places today, little one.'
She smiled. 'But they are not secret to You.'
'No, but no part of you is a secret to me, is it?'
She hesitated for a moment, unsure of what she wanted the answer to be. 'No,' she finally whispered. 'There are no secrets that I keep from you.'

He pulled her hips from the bed and she gathered her knees beneath her, the angle awkward for her without her hands. She felt His cock press against the heat of her pussy and she wanted desperately to feel Him inside her. She rocked back against Him and He pulled away then put His cock back against her again. This time when she pushed back He allowed just the very head of His cock inside.

'Slowly baby,' He murmured. 'I want it nice and slow.'

And she rocked gently, slowly, gripping His cock with each tiny movement that He made.

'Slowly Sarah. Christ, you have no idea how much I want to thrust, how much I want to tear into you. Keep it slow Sarah. Fuck. Keep it slow.' His voice was thick with want.

She fought against every urge in her body to force Him inside her. She needed Him desperately and she struggled to keep her movements the way He wanted them to be. She felt Him opening her up bit by tiny bit until He filled her completely.

'Good girl.' He whispered. Then He withdrew His cock and did it all again. Then again.

She thought that she would go insane. He withdrew from her once more, this time thrusting back into her with a force that caused her to gasp and open her legs wider for more. He pushed into her over and over, forcing her upper body to slide on the sheets.

'Are you comfortable?' He asked.
'No.' she whimpered.
'Do you want me to stop?'
'God no.' she said quickly.
'Mmmm Sarah,' He murmured to her soothingly. 'Is there anything you wouldn't do for me baby? Is there anything you wouldn't give me? Is there anything at all you have that I couldn't take as mine? Is there anything I desire that you wouldn't fill?'

She sobbed into the mattress wanting to tell Him yes, wanting to tell Him that there were places inside her she would not allow Him to go, that there were pieces of her she would not allow Him to take. She didn't want to trust Him. She didn't want to give Him everything. She wanted to build a wall between them. A wall to protect her from the pain He could cause. A wall that wouldn't let Him see her naked, wouldn't let Him see her fears. She would protect her heart, she could keep Him away, but how do you protect yourself with your hands tied behind your back?

His cock pounded into her relentlessly, invading her mind with thoughts of His pleasure, thoughts of His semen spurting into her, thoughts of His moans and growls. She struggled against the ropes that tied her hands, the bonds that she had begged for. She had asked Him to make her helpless. She hadn't wanted to give Him anything. She had wanted to force Him to take and yet here He was again making her decide. She struggled again, knowing it was useless. She had made her own trap and she knew she would make the trap again and again. He had beaten her and she wanted Him to. She wanted Him to win. She wanted to be everything, the only thing for Him.

'No,' she sobbed. 'I will give You anything, everything.'
'Everything,' He cooed, caressing her with His voice. 'My Sarah, my sweet Sarah, do you have any idea how gorgeous you are? You are such a slut. Such a delicious slut that I can't help but find pleasure in you. You are the only one I want in my bed. You are the only one I need.' His cock kept filling her, forcing His words into her mind and sending her body into spasms of pleasure. Or perhaps, joy.

He untied the ropes that held her hands and she placed them on the bed and raised herself up to take Him deeper. He pulled out of her and she moaned at the sudden loss of Him and tried to push back on Him again.

'Your ass,' He gasped, 'I want to fuck your ass.'
'I don't care,' she growled, 'just give me Your pleasure. Give me Your semen. Give me Your cock.'

He forced Himself inside her with less gentleness than He could have shown but her urgency was such that she didn't mind. She arched her back and breathed deeply while He buried Himself balls deep. He lay over her back, mounted on her and she knew that the tiniest of movements, the smallest of shivers, would send Him over the edge. She tightened her muscles on Him rhythmically. He didn't stand a chance.

'Don't stop.' She begged. 'Please don't stop. Come for me, please Baby. Come for me and don't ever stop.'

His breath was hot against her neck while His pleasure spilled. He pushed her to the bed and collapsed on top of her.

'Don't let me go,' she whispered. 'Please don't ever let me go.'

He lifted her hair, freeing the unmarked side of her neck and He bit her much further forward than before. She closed her eyes and gripped the sheets and savoured the pain that meant she would carry His mark for at least a week. He released her skin and nuzzled against her neck and nibbled on her ear. She felt the weight of His exhaustion in His breath.

'Sarah,' He whispered, 'you should know better than anyone that a Dragon never lets go of the treasures that are his.'

She smiled and she knew that she loved completely and was completely loved.

The risk is worth it, even if it is just for one moment like this.

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