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Friday, October 29, 2004

Well today I would post about hot sex, only there was none, so I can't. Mac is very busy getting all His work up to date and doesn't have time to play. I would pout at Him only the reason He is trying to get all His work done is because on Sunday He and I are going on a holiday.

I told Him that we needed this break while He was sick. He agreed to it readily back then. He is very stressed right now getting through the work He has to do, but I know He will enjoy Himself once we are there. I think He is looking forward to it too.

When I asked Mac where He wanted to go He said all it had to have was a beach, a bar and a bed. He said spending the two weeks lying in the sun, drinking and fucking would be just fine with Him. I agreed that it sounded like a good plan so I found us a nice little tropical island that met the requirements and also boasts some fine places to eat. We are going to be gone for about two weeks.

We will not have any computer access while we are away. Mac is not taking the laptop because He knows He would check emails and then have to answer them if He did. I like the idea of not having access. It means that we will both truly have nothing else to do but eat, drink, read trashy novels and fuck each other witless. I might actually be sick of having Him around after the two weeks.


So yesterday was actually an icky day because He is irritable and I am excited and you can just imagine how much I got on His nerves. I kept saying 'smile for me?' and He kept scowling at me and I would have gotten upset only He is so cute when He scowls. I remember a time that His scowls would send me into a panic, but now I tend to giggle when He does it and He asks if I want a smack in the mouth. When I say 'Yes please' He just shakes His head and walks away in disgust while I giggle some more.

Since I won't be posting to the blog, I guess tomorrow I should write something really filthy and smutty to keep you all entertained while I am gone, but I have been wracking my brains trying to think of something kinky and nothing comes to mind. I am not sure what I am going to do! I guess you could go through the archives if you really get desperate. There is some really smutty stuff in there. Or you could all imagine Mac and I lying on the beach sipping ice cold drinks or having decadent sex back in our air-conditioned room.

You know, yesterday Mac called me a tease.

I have no clue why.


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