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Thursday, October 21, 2004


Mac has come back from His time away rather, um well, horny. I am sore from the attention I have gotten. I am sore from His teeth and His hands, His cock and His words. I am also smugly satisfied.

We did go to see my niece in her final race and I stood back and watched as all these girls almost fell over themselves to impress Mac while He stood there oblivious to them all. It was cute. It started with the older girls who honed in on Him the moment we arrived and by the end of our time at the sports ground He had gathered quite an audience.

There was a lot of hair flicking and surreptitious glances. Girls were stopping to stretch in front of us and Mac hardly even blinked. The only moment of confusion for Him was an overly affectionate hug from my niece. She enjoyed the looks of envy from the other girls as she was allowed to touch. Mac had absolutely no clue that this little power play was happening because of Him and was completely shocked when I pointed it out to Him when we left.

'They are just girls!' He exclaimed.
'They are walking hormones.' I said.

The youngest was probably 13 and the eldest 17.

I loved Him for not noticing, His attention was taken by the sports being played and by me. He never took His hand from mine and it meant a lot to me. It felt very reassuring to know that He didn't want to let go. It was also nice that everyone could tell that I was His. I love it when I feel so owned.

We arrived home and I was undressing before we were even in the door. I didn't care if we had sex or not, I just wanted to be naked next to Him. Luckily though, He did want to fuck and so I got to leak His semen again. And then after dinner while I was clearing the table off Mac decided that He was still hungry and that I would be dessert.

He hadn't shaved for two days and He was not exactly gentle and while I screamed and writhed and tried to get away from Him, I held His face to my pussy and kept begging for more. When He finally let me up and pulled me from the table to bend me over it, my legs were like jelly and I was glad to have the table for support. He pushed His cock into my ass and lay over me, biting my neck and shoulders while I whimpered and begged for Him to come inside me again.

After He had come and His cock had softened and slid out of me, He laughed at my unwillingness to stand. I just wanted to hang onto the table until the world stopped moving on it's own.

Mac left me there and went to get a drink then came back and sat down on a chair. I must have looked lost in thought.

'What are you thinking?' He asked and looked at me curiously.
'I am glad we have a table with solid legs.' I said.

We both found this quite funny and while we laughed I somehow managed to climb into His lap. I had forgotten how warm and loved I feel there.

Later it was His hand that woke me. I had fallen asleep while He was showering.

'Just once more baby,' He whispered and I don't know how to say no to Him and I never want to learn so I made Him come again.

I know this post is late and I seem to be doing that a lot, but I hope that things will get back to normal around here.

We slept in today, and it was lovely waking up in His arms. He was already awake and kissing me softly and straight away I felt my heart hasten its beat.

'Sarah,' He whispered seductively. 'My sweetest Sarah.'
'Yes?' I breathed back at Him.
'Baby I am starved. Do you think you could make me something good to eat?'

Sounds like normality to me.

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