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Monday, November 29, 2004

A hand in her hair pulled her away from the kitchen sink. Water dripped from her fingers to the floor. She tried to wipe them on her thighs thinking it strange to bother about that. Still that was how her mind worked. She was turned and propelled towards the table. She had no choice but to comply.

He spun her around and pulled her top over her head and behind her so that her arms were trapped. She glared at Him, letting her eyes say all the things that she wouldn't dare speak because if she voiced them, He might stop. She didn't want that. He laughed at her anger and pushed her bra down to free her breasts. She struggled to move away from His fingers that were pinching at her flesh. He slapped her lightly, playfully on the cheek.

'Be a good little whore.' He said.

Casually, arrogantly, He undressed Himself, showing no shame in His hard body. She had decided not to speak to Him, not to acknowledge Him at all but she could not look away. He ignored her silence, but did not ignore her attempt to deflate Him with a sneer. Her face stung from the force of His hand. She let her head hang, hiding the wetness of her eyes behind her hair.

'I said be a good little whore.' His voice left no room for argument. She just nodded, accepting it as law. She could feel her panties slip over the moistness between her legs. She felt her pussy gush, wetting them even more.

He pulled her skirt up then grabbed a handful of her hair again and turned her back around to face the table. He pushed her down and held her there until He knew she knew not to move. The coolness of the tabletop soothed her cheek. She struggled with her arms, the shirt shifting down to her elbows and stopping there. It refused to go any lower. Her arms were well and truly trapped.

He ignored her struggling and let go of her hair. He peeled her panties down to her knees. She blushed at the thought of them glistening with girlish juices. He stroked her inner thighs to let her know He knew it was there. He parted her butt cheeks. She squirmed and tried to tense her muscles. He slapped her ass hard enough to make her squeak in surprise. She relaxed, not inviting a repeat. He pulled her further apart. She knew that He would fuck her ass and her tummy fluttered. She didn't know if she could handle being fucked like this. She didn't know if she could handle not being fucked like this. She wanted it and she loathed it. She squirmed and wriggled and carried on while trying to keep her muscles unclenched.

Then she felt His tongue sliding along her pussy and she parted her legs as far as her panties would allow. He licked from her clitoris all the way to her ass then licked all the way back again. She squirmed again but this time it was to get further onto His mouth. He sucked in her juices and spat them onto her ass and tried to push them into her with His tongue. His fingers went to work, filling her pussy and gliding over her clitoris. She was whimpering and pressing down onto His fingers and tongue when she came. He chuckled.

'You are such an easy little whore.' He said.

He stood behind her then, one hand on her lower back steadying her as the other hand guided His cock inside her cunt. He shoved into her hard. It took her body a couple more thrust to adjust to His length. She grunted at each filling until it did. He pulled her back from the table a little so that He could wrap an arm around her waist and tease her clitoris some more. She felt like He was trying to push His finger into her where His cock already was and she pushed onto Him trying to take more.

When He brought His fingers out from beneath her they were slippery with juices. He wiped them slowly across her lips then smeared the rest on her ass. She was overpowered by her own sexual scent and her tongue snaked out to lick it. He watched her.

'Dirty bitch.' He groaned. She knew His orgasm wasn't far away.

She was slippery where He had painted her and He was slippery from being inside her and she knew He wanted to fuck her ass. She turned her face to the table so that He couldn't see her, her hair a thick curtain shutting Him out. He held His cock against her ass just like she knew He would and she quietly, almost silently, told Him no. She knew He couldn't hear. She whispered it again and again as she pushed back onto Him, impatient that He was taking it so slowly.

'No' she whimpered as His cock entered her and 'no' again as He started to pull back out.

He fucked her slowly and confidently, ignoring her mouth and listening to what her body said. He could hear her now, begging, pleading no as she moved rhythmically against Him so that He was hardly moving. She was fucking Him instead.

She screamed no when He bit her neck and no when He licked her cheek and no when she came on Him again. The word was stuck and was the only thing she said. It seemed to make perfect sense to her and sum up all that she felt. She heard Him grunt and felt His cock throb inside her.

'No.' she whimpered, finishing Him off. Then she lay perfectly still.

He pulled her from the table by the shirt at her elbows and stripped her of it so she could freely move. He wrapped His arms around her and tucked her into His lap as He sat down on a chair. She snuggled into His neck and contented herself by breathing Him in. He stroked her back and played with her hair and she kissed His neck and it was a while before He bothered to speak.

He pulled her out from His neck and gently rubbed the tip of her nose with the tip of His.

'Hey baby,' He whispered, 'I'm home.'
She giggled and surrendered to His kiss.

This happened on Friday, after I had written that when I have gentle sex I want it rough. We had discussed me wanting to be taken, wanting to be used but also me sort of not wanting it. I LIKE the soft and gentle. I LIKE the love and affection. I LIKE the place that we are in, but I still sort of want to be used a bit. From this Mac surmised what I really wanted was once again not to be given the choice.

So He took what He wanted and ignored my lip service objections, which is a good thing since I am still not sure what I was objecting too. Perhaps it was just because being ass fucked at the kitchen table in the middle of the afternoon seems like a wrong thing to do. Not that there is an appropriate time to be ass fucked at the kitchen table, I guess. See! I really don't know. I am sure I make no sense. Still, being used put me in a very soft place all evening and Mac was very pampered and catered to because I wanted nothing more than to serve and be close to Him. Mac let me have both.

Have I mentioned I am a very spoiled girl?

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