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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Just over a year ago I went to Mac and told Him about this blogging thing that I had discovered and asked what He thought about me giving it a go. He looked at me like I was weird, a diary, online, where everyone could see? I gave Him a few links to read and He shrugged and said that could try it out if I wanted, but I had to promise to be honest about the things I feel, or not put them here at all. I promised.

As I sat down to set it all up on November 24th 2003, I asked Him what He thought it should be called.

'Submissive Reflections' He said without a pause.

Submissive Reflections was born.

Now on this special day for my blog and me, I would like to take the time to make a little announcement.


Well, a part of it is, along with a lot of other bloggers.

The Editorial on reads...

"Personal Web sites are opening up a whole new world. The daily revelations of ordinary people are creating a new generation of "reality" diaries for the twenty-first century, and they make compelling reading. Collected and edited by Maxim Jakubowski, here is the first major anthology of illuminating insights into the lives and often-outrageous experiences of sex bloggers. Included are candid accounts of their most private lives by ordinary and extraordinary people, straight from the hottest blogs on the Internet. You can find out about the daily thoughts and adventures of a stripper, a Web cam girl, a prostitute, a dominatrix, a couple of swingers, a pair of newlyweds, a porn store clerk, a nymphomaniac executive, male and female submissives and their counterpart masters and mistresses, and many others. These are real people who enjoy writing about their sex lives, their relationships, and their fantasies with complete honesty-in fact, they are the new "Web celebs."

It is available for pre-order on now. (Click on the book top left it will take you there.) I really wouldn't mind if you pre-ordered a few. It is going to be on sale in both the USA and the UK.

Yes, I have been so very excited. I really don't know how I managed to keep it from everyone. The only person who has known is Mac. He has been wonderful, enjoying my girlish delight at every step, being excited for me and helping me to make any choices that I had to make while also letting me find my own way. In case you haven't worked it out by now, I just want to make it clear that I love Him with all my heart and soul.

Now I have some people to thank. First of all, Mac, because without Him the blog would never have existed and even if I had done it on my own, it would not have been half as fun. Mac says that I have grown so much since the blog began and being able to be open and discuss what I am feeling has made me realise that I am not alone. He also encouraged me when I was afraid to write what I felt or scared to post what I had written. He thinks He knows but He has no idea how much His love and strength and belief in who I am influences me.

To the people that helped me get started, by linking me up with their readers and by helping out with the technical matters of the blog, thank you once again.

To the people who have commented or emailed through the year, your support and honesty has been deeply felt. I appreciate you taking the time to share a piece of you with me. Thank you.

To the people that have come here to read but never felt the need to speak out, I am glad that you shared some time with me. I know a lot of you come back each day. Thank you.

To those of you that I have formed friendships with, I want to say thank you, even if the friendship slipped away. You all added something special to my life. I will cherish your addition always.

And to Maxim, who saw something in the way that I write that he wanted to include in the book, thank you.

May our next year together be as much fun and as enlightening, as heart wrenching and emotional, as sexually charged and decadent and filled with as much laughter and love as this year has been.

Actually, let's hope it is more!

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 6:40 am

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