Kneeling before Him...



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Thursday, November 25, 2004

'Hey,' she hissed at Him quietly and tried to pull away from the fingers that were pinching her flesh. 'That's my nipple. Be gentle.'

He looked at her with His rakishly wicked grin.

'It made your cunt clench, didn't it slut?' He whispered and she had to admit to Him it did.

He worried her with His playful mood. She never knew what to expect when He was like this. She glanced around at all the people in the room. She felt so out of her depth. His boss, His boss's boss and of course their perfectly coiffure-ed wives. She kept tugging nervously at His sleeve. She couldn't bring herself to leave His side.

He pulled at a curl of her hair. 'Baby,' He whispered. 'I need to see your tits. I need to bite them and suck them, now.'

Her cunt clenched again and she shuddered at the thought. He couldn't possibly be serious.

'What? Here?' She hissed and He nodded slightly. 'But these are your colleagues, not your friends!'

He nodded again and His eyes directed her to a door.

She knew there was no point in arguing. He would only get louder if she tried. Besides, there was a part of her that didn't want to argue. She wanted Him to take control. She bit her lip but held her head up high and used every ounce of confidence she had to walk through the door alone. On the other side she found them a place, a small room where they were not likely to be disturbed and she waited only a minute for Him to come to her and shut the rest of the world out.

'Now show me.' He demanded and without protest or delay she unbuttoned her blouse and lifted each breast out of the cup of the bra. 'Beautiful.' He whispered and pushed her back against the wall. With one hand she held her breast to His mouth and with the other she held His head, pushing the two together even more, swapping her hands around as He required.

As He licked over her nipple she giggled and when He sucked below the nipple she giggled some more. When He bit her nipple she giggled most of all. He chuckled at her mirth.

'You sound like such a naughty little girl.' He held her face in His hands and gently kissed her soft lips and told her she could put her breasts away. He smiled at her tenderly as she did so.

'Baby,' He murmured as He took her in His arms, 'there is no need for you to be nervous around these people, you are beautiful and you are intelligent and you are such a good girl. I am so proud to call you mine. Now go out there and have a good time and treat them like any other crowd. Make all the men want you and all the women despise you and I promise that I will be watching over you.'

She snuggled into His neck and kissed the spot where she could feel His heart beat.

'Thank you Sir,' she whispered and when she went to move away, His hand on her shoulder pulled her back. He held her again.

'I know we have to go back out there,' He said, 'but I would much prefer staying here.'
She patted His hard cock through His pants. 'I know.'
He smiled at her and shook His head. 'I just want to be loving you.'

He didn't need to take her hand because she had already slipped hers inside of His.

She shone so brightly that He couldn't take His eyes off her all night.

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